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Done it. Exactly one month since my last 10K distance I've managed to overcome a little mental hurdle - mainly that because it had been so long, would I be able to crack it once again? I'm happy to report that "YES!" is the answer.

Although dear reader, it wasn't easy and had one of those "Ohhh noooooo!" moments built into it. Allow me to amplify if I may.....

Woke up at at a very civilised time and made a juice. Chewed on 6 dates for some fructose energy then gave the two kitties some "dreamies" as they'd been annoying me whilst I chewed. I headed out the door clad in my black SuperDan Lycra leggings, compression guards, Brooks, black top and Timex IronMan on my wrist. I was planning 10K on this run but I didn't feel like it. I'm a terrible worrier and had a few things on my mind which were contributing to my lack of exuberance, but I was determined to try and just "do it" (as Nike say). At my favourite lamp post I started my watch and Endomondo and I was off.

The first K was awful. Rugged, heavy, ker-plonkish and just generally sh*t. Even at this stage I hadn't definitely decided on my route (as I had two to choose from) so I took the bull by the horns and decided on the peaceful Thames path to Kew Bridge then over the bridge onto the road, through Brentford and back home by the Duke of Northumberland's Syon House. Once I'd started toward Kew Bridge along the incredibly quiet and lush green Thames path my mind settled down. The peace was more'ish and hearing the birds sing seemed to alleviate my demeanour. I hardly saw a soul for the 5 kilometres along the river - a runner or two (who smiled back at me too!!!) and some dog walkers. I was shuffling along at a very easy pace and definitely wasn't going to try and break any records today. The weather was absolutely perfect for running with intermittent sunshine, a light breeze and the ground was dry. I could hear the regular rhythm of my Brooks on the stony ground "crunch crunch crunch" and figured if I could keep the same pace for a while, I could "zone out" and not think too much.

I reached Kew Bridge and galloped up the few steps to the road, then was hit by a long slope toward the apex of the bridge. This made my legs go "Jeeeeeeeeez!!" but before long I'd reached the summit and was lightly jogging down the other side, enjoying the relief of some downhill. As I jogged along towards Brentford I noticed this young chap ahead of me standing at a bus stop. "Excuse me" he said. "Excuse me!". He was 20 metres away and as I got closer he brought out this clipboard and repeated his "EXCUSE ME!" in a slightly irritated voice! There was NO WAY I was going to stop and have a nice little chat with him. I'd just run 6K and my body was not for stopping - I mean, the shock would have killed me! So I put up my hand and said quite firmly "Sorry. Can't stop", to which I received a face which looked like he was thinking "What's the problem?". I mean, who the hell asks someone clad from head to toe in running gear, and running along in a clear manner which says "I'm running", to stop and fill out a questionnaire??? The mind boggles.....

I was nearing the end of my run.


I'd calculated that by the time I'd reached a kids school near my house, that was about 10K, so I fished my phone out of my belt and had a quick glance at Endomondo. I read the display in horror. IT SAID I'D ONLY DONE 9K!!! Oh nooooooo! Now I'd have to keep going for another kilometre. My mind started to do acrobatics, my legs started to seize up and my whole demeanour was wracked in disappointment! "Now hang on Dan" I said to myself. "It's only another 1000 metres. Pick up the pace young lad and make this your best K. You can't let yourself down now, you big plonker!!!"

"You're right!" I said. "I'm gonna kick ass. I'm gonna rip it up. I'm gonna take that final K and shove a massive......."

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" I stopped. "No filth please. Now run!"

I picked up the pace and started running. Not jogging. Running. Where the energy came from I have no idea, but I was tonking along at a fair old pace. I kept the phone in my hand and kept glancing at it to see how close to 10K I was........9.5.......9.7.......9.9......"God, when is it gonna click over to 10?".......Suddenly my desires were met as I saw the clock tick over to the magic figure - 10K!!!!!! I'd done it! And my last kilometre was indeed, my quickest - 5'54.

Overall stats ; 10K in 62 minutes exactly, with 5K in 30'32. That'll do me.

It was a tough run but at least I'd achieved what I'd set out to do. No matter how hard your run may seem to you, if you stick at it and try to avoid thinking about how hard it is, you will complete it - and this is where running really displays it's magic. It floods your brain with feelings of achievement, it gives you a virtual pat on the back, it makes you stand taller (just a little bit) because you did something that is so good for you.

Never give up, for the rewards are so great and positive, they far outweigh any negative vibes present.

And so endeth the philosophy of Lord Zargo of Runningville........

Thanks for reading.


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Well done!. Would love to know what the guy with the clipboard wanted - should have invited him to run alongside you while you answered. I once did a run where someone shouted at me through the park gates to run after their dog that had escaped and was shooting up the road. Later same run someone wanted directions and then proceeded to run alongside me as it was that way. Not sure if was my breathing or the look of horror on my face that made them stop - I mean to say, you can't stop or slow down when someone is watching can you.


He was a Royal pest! But maybe (to be kind) he didn't realise that you son't just stop when you're running (espesh dressed as I was!!)


ps: love your tags.

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Well done Lord Zargo but can you tell me my what kind of dates you were scoffing to be able to RUN the last k? Great post and glad to hear you managed to talk yourself into and through it :)


Whitworths stone free dates!!! Perfect for that extra lil bit of energy :-)


great post and well done on completing the 10k and a great time ;o)


Thanks Paul. It was 3 1/2 minutes slower than my best - but what the hell!!


And THANK YOU for posting this Lord Zargo of Runningville. A most enjoyable read, a fantastic run and what a great time... Well done!

I am aiming for my first ever 10K run on Saturday morning... I'm a bit apprehensive about it but your post has both given me confidence and inspired me to get on and "just do it"...

Thank you Lord Zargo... enjoy your rest!


Do it! You will smash it. But don't forget to conserve energy by going slow because you know what they say? "10K - IS A LONG WAY!"


Well done Lord Zargo !! an amazing post, Im thinking I will be a bit like that sunday on my 5k !


I'm beginning to think my "Lord Zargo" thing was a step too far...! :-)

You will LOVE your 5K this sunday. Good luck.


Wow! Promotion from Mr Dan to Lord Zargo :) Excellent post, your Lordship and a splendid time too- must be the enthusiasm brought on by your elevation to the peerage. It has been said many times on here that a massive part of running is done by your head not your feet. The idea of each kilometre being just 1000 individual metres is so great. When in doubt, reduce it down to smaller manageable parts and it's done in no time. Going to bear that in mind for my next run. Cheers m'dear ( or should that be cheers my Lord) :)


I like being mental. It helps. ;-)


I bet that chap had a Big Issue in his clipboard! They usually get their man!

Well done Dan. Fabbo time too!


Yes oh mighty Lord Zargo!!

Congratulations for getting out there. It sounds like such a lovely route. Syon house is beautiful.


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