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Dithering about

I have dithered around so much this morning before my run, first what to wear, changing my bottoms, nearly changing them back but deciding against it. Then deciding what to run to do. Shall I do 30minutes as I promised my knees or do 40minutes again, where shall I run? while deciding put washing on, hung washing up to dry, checked weather and thought about changing again. After a hour and a half Of deciding what to do I finally got out.

Still cold but warm in the sun it was getting warm (20degrees today I think winter is drawing to a close), anyway drink is very cold from freezer. Starter running not too bad but had to stop to wrap a tissue around iced water. Carried on first 1km ok, then found the rest not hard but not easy. I have come to realise I am not a natural runner that glides along ! I am more like a stomping elephant.

Anyway decide going to do 30minutes and will stop no matter what the distance, this started a battle in my mind

"do 5km, what is an extra 2minutes"

"no, no, no remember what you promised the knees only 30minutes. They might not forgive you if you do longer"

"But if you don't do 5km you won't forgive yourself"

"You know you can do 5km, this is about keeping up the running and building slowly to 10km"

At this my 30minutes was up and decided to do cool down walk back home.

So I kept my promise 30minutes and 4.72km

Saturday's run 40minutes and hopefully 6km. Hopefully knee and calves will be up to it.

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Sounds great Vixchile. A good recovery run and nice times too. Good luck with Saturday


Thanks - have a nice holiday !!


Well done in keeping to your goal. It's not easy doing that! Good luck for Saturday.


cheers, its not always easy but then i end up pushing it too far and then complain i can't do it. So today i thought i would try a different approach.


Good going Vixchile!

I tend to put my kit together the night before I run so it's all layed out there for me in the morning. I only do it because I have been known to dither in the same way but on occasion it led to me deciding that I'd taken so long to decide that I didn't have enough time to run :-/


Oh i use to do that too - then when i got up i was like i don't fancy that top anymore etc. Some days i am just like throw it on and get out. Today i was not one of those days!!!


Sounds like a great 30 min run.

I think we need to remember, just because we have done a 5k run, there's nothing wrong with not doing it every time - we shouldn't beat ourselves up if we 'only run for 30 mins' .

Better to continue to enjoy running hey

:-) :-)

Ps.. now best get out my kit ready for the morning run :-)


Yeah I think it's best just to cut it short and want more hey!

Happy planning running outfit -what did you pick?


Just back from a lush run in my fave pink top :-)


Well done Vixchile. I'm sure your knees will be thanking you for keeping your promise. Good luck for Saturday's 6k :)


Thank you, really taking care of the knees.


Sounds like an excellent pace, and good for you that your listened to your body rather than your ambition. Your knee and calves will thank you for it by cooperating tomorrow.


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