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W4D1 - was a run of dread that turned into my victory :D

It seemed like such a leap from Wk 3 that I was a little nervous that I would not manage it, I took some good advice from my previous post and slowed my pace down from previous runs to make sure that I could get myself through.............. I was so so pleased when I completed the run and feel good about D2 tomorrow. Thank you for the good advice. If anyone is going from W3 to W4 and dreading it, don't let your mind block you, I think a lot of this is mind set and keeping focused, so good luck to all of you, so worth it :D

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Good luck, you'll be fine. The programme works a treat :)


Great job Judef. You are right; if you keep your pace steady and have faith in the programme it will work for you. Nice to see you feeling confident and wanting to encourage other Couchers at the same stage as you. It really helps knowing that there are a whole load of people out there all doing this and willing each other on.

All the best with your next run :) x


Thank you Amisnan, nice words there. Next run felt even better. Good luck to you on your journey also :D x


Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I completed W4D1 today. I kept the advice from the forums in my mind - that it is about psychology as much as physical ability. A month ago I couldn't run for a minute and today I ran 16 out of 20 mins. My family can't believe that a 55year old overweight woman is actually able to achieve this. Thanks to everyone for your encouragement.


Hi Maggie

Well done on W4D1 it is such a great feeling isn't it.

I was talking to my friends today and they said Wow really your running (as a nearly 49 yr old person who is overweight, I think they were shocked. I think this spurs me on more.

Very good luck for the rest of the program and we should be Graduating at the same time roughly so we had better get our Gowns and Mortar Boards ordered from the running shop hehe

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