Easy pace15K that turned into PB Half Marathon

Not blogged for a while, but still been checking in ever now and then (not really bothered since new site due to teething problems), hope everyone is ok, a bit of a ramble coming up.

Well I planned an easy pace 15K for yesterday and I also wanted to try out a gel at 1 hour to see how I found them, as my HM is in August and the heat can be a bit energy zapping I thought I'd try one. Normally run with nothing but water, which I buy if I need it, as I hate carrying anything.

So off out along the promenade and onto the beach, over the grassy marshes of the beach, to give some difference to the running feel, along the prom to Lytham and the windmill and out to a lovely country path called "Green Drive", picking up a drink before entering the drive, still Vimto mmmm, nicer than water. I ran along the dappled sun lit drive, then a long a road to another favourite "Witch Wood" at which point I had my gel, enjoying the run a long the tracks and the cooler air that the dappled cover brings. On leaving the wood, I ran along normal road, to a point where I looked at my watch and thought, I might be up for 21.15K, was this the magic of the gel, the Vimto or the cooler breeze that was blowing as I left the wood, who knows.

Anyway I varied my route and added some K, resulting in a PB HM of 2h 1m 9s about 5 mins quicker than last time.

Well chuffed and hoping for a below 2hours for the real thing in August. Sometime runs just go right. :D

Also I'm pondering 2014, I can't make up my mind if I want to do a Marathon or do something a bit different and train for a Triathlon. If you had predicted that I'd be plundering these things 18months ago I'd have said you were barking mad. Enjoy your runs,

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17 Replies

  • Wow - you must be really pleased with that time - to say nothingnof being able to run that far. This heat is a killer so that's doubly good!!!

  • I'm well chuffed, it was definitely a lovely evening with a nice breeze, normally I'd moan about a head wind, but not at the moment!

  • Amazing! I am very impressed indeed. I think Triathlon possibly sounds more interesting than a marathon - but either of them sound pretty horrendous to me! Good luck with whatever you decide - I shall enjoy watching from the sidelines. :)

  • Still mulling it over, but been thinking, could do both :-o

  • Steady on! Good luck anyway!

    Hurrah - alerts are back in our inboxes!

  • Oh wow... I am SO impressed, that really is amazing.. I must get some gel ( whatever that is!!) for my next 15k .. Er what is it?

    Well done you and thank you for always being so encouraging on my blogs.

  • D'oh only just seen these responses, what's with this new site :-)

    Thanks, always enjoy your blogs, especially the propensity for lists. Gels are like a fruit glucose thingy majig in like a little foil flat tube that you can eat without liquid.

    See here


    I just wanted to try them out in case my HM race is on a hot energy zapping day, if not thn probably won't bother.

  • What a year this has been for you Phil. Well done, you are absolutely brilliant! Maybe you should try crossfit? guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle...

    It's a bit extreme, but, at the rate you are progressing, I wouldn't be surprised if you are chosen for the next Olympics :-) In good humour, Delia

  • D'oh only just seen these responses, what's with this new site :-)

    Gonna have a look later, looking at the headline, the addicted fits. :D

  • Amazing Phil! That's so exciting. I remember 18 months ago the main thing missing was confidence in yourself, and now there's no stopping you :) You're right, sometimes runs just work. I think that that run will be one you'll always remember.

  • D'oh only just seen these responses, what's with this new site :-)

    Thanks TJ you've always offered me words of wisdom and great advice. I think we all struggle at the beginning believing that this could be a change for life, then suddenly it is your way of life :D

  • Wow, well done. I'm not sure if I'll ever be going for a casual half marathon!

  • D'oh only just seen these responses, what's with this new site :-)

    I've been watching your progress, your getting hooked, not long now before you start training for a half marathon. Maybe after Ramadan ?

  • I would like to run a HM at some stage, but it'll take me a few weeks to get back up to speed after Ramadan. I was thinking about it today (I think I am hooked because I keep thinking about running at the moment!) and a HM is just an extra lap on my 10km route so I may aim to run that by the end of the year.

  • Knowing the running bug, I'll read "may" as will :D

  • Hi Phil. Long time no hear. I haven't been away: just found it difficult to get online and do the c25k blogs. Still running fine but nowhere near your distances. My HM is in October so I feel I've got time and my programme doesn't get me doing so close to the distance till nearer the time. You are doing really well and I wish you all the best for your race next month. You're running a great time and I'm sure you will take it under 2 hours on the day. Hope to post again before I go away. James

  • Great to hear from you James, hopefully you'll have a bit more time over the summer hols :-) I do enjoy the longer distances, not long now...good luck with the prep for October.

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