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I've only gone and done it!!!

I'm still in a little bit of shock! I did week 9 run 3 and I'm so happy that I managed to break the 5km target on the last 30min run...was that really me?!!! Looking back to my first post when I struggled so much makes me truly realise how much can be achieved...I wouldn't have been able to do it with out all the advice and encouragement from all you amazing forum members though that's for sure!

Anyway, here's some things I learnt along the way....

1. I like wiggly routes where I can't be overwhelmed by what's ahead of me, I like being able to set little targets of reaching the next corner/bend.

2. Always look the way that you're running...yep, I did learn this one the hard way :)

3. Wind is not my friend!!!

4. Don't get upset by people making fun or laughing at you...they get to go home and live with the mean person they are and I get to go home feeling like I've achieved something wonderful.

5. Believe you can do it...everybody can achieve more than they think possible, trust me!!

Thanks everyone, here's to many more runs to come :) x

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Many congratulations! I hope you are feeling amazing. Now the real running adventures can begin!


Hooray! Congratulations. C25K is great isn't it?

I hope you have lots more happy achievements :-)


Marvellous. Welcome to the graduate club!


Congratulations! That's a fantastic achievement. Number 4 is something I think even if there are no comments. Just that it's better I'm here going slowly with park people wondering why I bother than not doing it at all


That's so true cathrynp, it feels so good to actually get up and run and it's really something to feel proud of :) I'm so pleased I overcame the fear of running and stopped worrying about whether I was 'doing it right' and just relaxed and enjoyed myself. Here's to lots more slow and enjoyable runs for us both in the future :)


Congratulations on graduating. It's a great feeling, enjoy today and good luck with your future running plans




Well that's absolutely brilliant! Well done!


Fantastic effort! well done!

And those sound like excellent lessons for all of us, especially number 5!



Hi Letti , fab news ! Many congratulations to you on your fantastic achievement. Ive got to agree with lesson one, I prefer wiggly routes too ! :-)

I am so pleased for you, just shows you what we are capable of when we put our minds to it . Well done !

Hows Ember doing ? oh that photo, it made me laugh , in fact when I saw this post I had to go back and search for it ,just to have a look at it again ha ha :-D xxx


Ember's doing very well thanks poppypug, I must admit I tend to look at that photo if I need cheering up too. Think now I've done my 5k I might try to train Ember to run with me...I'm sure there will be a few hilarious moments in the process :D

Hope you and those little pugs of yours are well x


Aw thanks Letti, me and the pugs are very well :-)

Oh you've lots of fun times ahead training Ember ha ha , let us know how you go on :-) xxx


I certainly will poppy, I can see there may be a few occasions of being me dragged through ditches before Ember gets the hang of it! :)


Fantastic and well done and Yay and yeehar! It's a wonderful achievement and a new star will definitely appear in the heavens tonight. :)



What a lovely, smiley, and inspirational post for those of us yet to graduate :)

Enjoy whatever post-C25K brings to you!


Thank you everyone , think there will still be a lot more lessons to be learnt...I can't wait :)


Oh my goodness...I've just noticed I have a little graduate badge next to my name, I think that's made me more excited than finishing the run!!


Congratulations on graduating :)

Fantastic things you've learned/ recommendations as well :D

I've not suffered any comments yet- only encouragement from elderly people around the routes I run- but if i'm approaching people, I am all ready to say/gasp "at least I'm doing something!" ;) but it's never happened thank goodness. I completed W9R1 this morning so I will be joining you on Monday all being well .

(Thumbs Up)


Nearly there then Serendipitygal, well done! Good luck for your next 2 runs!

It is great that most people that I meet are very kind and encouraging, especially other runners (who usually say hi or give me a wave as they overtake me lol :) ) I've only had a couple of times that I have had a few sniggerings and, what I sure they thought were funny, comments, but it's pretty easy to let those things go over your head when you feel great about what you're achieving.

Look forward to reading your 'I've done it' post on Monday! :)

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What a lovely post! Huge congrats to you!


Love this. Lots of congratulations. Such an achievement :))

Like the bit very much about people laughing at you xx


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