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B210k W4R2

Hurrah!! I did actually manage to get the second big run in this week and on time. Aiming for weeks 4 and 5 over this fortnight to get me up for the Week 6 runs 3 x 60 minutes. The most encouraging part is that it seems to get easier (without being easy) and I am finding it possible to keep a good pace even when in the past I would find it a real struggle. Several sub-5 minute kilometres makes it doubly encouraging. If I can get out on Thursday and do R3 things will definitely be looking up.

Thanks for reading and keep running.

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Thank you for these encouraging words and well done to you. I'm stuck in week 2 because of illness. I just hope that I can pick up where I left off.


You will. Just get past that and pick up at a point you feel you can manage. It won't matter in the ling term. Good luck.


Ah James! I am so pleased for you! I hope to start running again soon. I drove up to Harrow from Poole on Monday, as my husband had an appointment at Hammersmith Hospital and wasn't well enough to drive at all. It was in a blizzard most of the way, but we got to Harrow at the planned time. I was really worried how my knee and back would stand up to it, but all ok. I must admit to reluctance to running in this cold weather-makes me cough at the best of times. I really have to get going again.

You are doing so well, my friend-Keep on Running :-)

Colette x


Good to hear from you again Colette. Hope you get back running again soon. Keep well.



well done. sounds like you are really enjoying the plan. how are you finding running the long sections with only a minute break? I found it hard to start back up again when I did it :)


I feel pretty used to the 18:1 intervals as they call them. I am less tired than I was and seem to find the energy again when I know I am getting towards the end of a run. As I am also using the Endomondo app to track my run I get a good idea of the big picture and can push a bit garder to reach a better distance before each break. It's pretty basic psychology applied to myself!


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