Not sure I'm fond of stats. They tell me I am erratic and slow and then quick for a short burst then mainly slow again. BUT lovely peeps, nur to stats and NUR TO THAT ORRIBLE HILL!

I set out to do 4 x 10 mins with walk mins in between but, what would you do in the circs? at the first 10 minute break I was on a downhill bit so blowed if I was going to waste a walk bit on that. Then there was that horrible uphill bit so it had to be done at a run (oh so slowly) otherwise it would have won (won what for goodness' sake!). Anyway the whole thing was shorter than I thought (mainly because I was convinced it would take me well over 40 mins to complete and also because my navigation skills are dubious) so next time I will add a bit on and see how that goes. I did slip in a 3 min walk on the flat bit just after the kink in between the 2 and 3k markers.

But, on the whole peeps, [sings] I FEEL GOOD durndadurndadurndadoo SOOOO GOOD durndadurndadurndadoo SO GOOD, SO GOOD.

Oh, and glad. Very glad. Fancy that: me being able to get into a trot like a blimmin RUNNER!

:) :D :D


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24 Replies

  • Look at that 'orrible 'ill! you told it where to go!

  • Had been dreading and avoiding it until today so it was great to get it done.

  • Brilliant Slookie a great feeling to defeat the hill !

  • Lawks a mighty! You took that hill and wrung it's scraggy neck! It won't hold any fears for you now. Hill! What hill? (Miss Piggy typa head flick)

    Well done Slookie! Blummin runner trot! Oooooooer What next? Purple pants!

  • Thanks MissWN. Not yet worthy of purple pants ... when I have dragged myself over the 5k milestone perhaps I can consider them :D

  • Thanks GF, feels good, though I suspect it will feel a bit creaky later!

  • It is actually quite difficult to see you in this photograph - was it taken from a hot air balloon? Congratulations on the hill - it is a serious achievement to overcome one of these - In spite of the fact that they are spreading all over the country, I do not have a hill but a valley - and I have mentioned before that the second part of a valley is always up which can be demoralising - I am asking the council to turn it into a hill. More seriously it looks like a tremendous run and that hill has taken a real beating from which it will never recover. Carry on singing!

  • Know what you mean about valleys: we are at the top of a hill so I can either teeter about the edge and avoid hills or go down (yay!) and then have to come back up (yuk) to get home. No bus stops on the way either.

  • WOW! Well done - that is some hill.. 50 metres of elevation gain by the looks of it over a relatively short space, but long enough to be a killer incline... and I love the stats... they show you actually sped up while going UP the hill... fair play to you... :) You did like that downhill alright... go!

    Doing over 4km in a tad over 30 minutes with a walk break and THAT BIG HILL is nought to be sneezed at... that is a great run... you should be feeling GOOD...

    Oh wait - SO GOOD, SO GOOD... :)

  • Thanks Aussie, will try it next week without the walk break and an added bit in an effort to creep up to that magic 5k milestone. Don't tell it though 'cos it will get up and move further away :)

  • Well done! That's a great effort!!

    I am fortunate that hills are banned here in Suffolk. I wouldn't know what to do if I ever spotted one....

  • Thanks Mr.M. Oh, how I dream of no hills. Runner heaven!

  • Ha ha ... that's what I thought about Cambridgeshire till my last 5 mins yesterday !

  • In the words of DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince - "Work that body, work, work, that body, Slow down Slookie youre gonna hurt somebody " :-D

    Hey , that is a tip top run that Slooks, well done , fab stuff , I bet youre going round going "Hill , pah what hill ?" :-) xxx

  • Oh no PP, still eyeing that hill with suspicion in case it gets uppity (ha ha) again. Hey, PP you is a groovin' chick wiv those hip and trendy toons!

    Going to check out the map and see if I can drive somewhere to get me a nice flat go at summat just for one run a week respite for the 'easy' run. What is an easy run - haven't found it yet :)

  • Ha ha , on my Bupa training plan, Im supposed to be doing for example "10 mins easy run " Errr , Im flippin' pulling mi' tripes out and they are calling it an " easy run " !

    If you find an easy run, please will you tell me and then I can have one , sharing is caring :-D xxx

  • Leave yer tripes alone PP you'll be needing them for the next go. It's no wonder you lost your bum if you go around pulling bits off mid-run :D

  • That's a great run!! Well done! That hill will be quaking in it's boots when it sees you the next time!!

  • Thanks Teabreaks. I could feel it shuddering as I stomped up it, but not in a good way! One day I will have twinkly fairy feet and will just float effortlessly up hills. Do RunandBecome do twinkly fairy feet I wonder ...

  • Lmao and one day I will have twinkly fairy feet as well :D

  • If you girls find the twinkly fairy feet, please pretty please can you send some in my direction?

  • Great effort and well done on nailing that hill :)

  • Thank you. It can only get easier. Can't it? Anyhoo, that showed it. Not sure what, but it showed it.

  • Of course it'll get easier ;)

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