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Week 9 run 1 or in my case slow jogging

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Delighted to say I completed this run but am just a little disappointed that I am still so slow. Have been running Strava alongside this app and my stats are 10 mins per kilometre. I have the breath just don’t seem to have any more strength in my legs. What can I do on my rest days from running to improve my strength which doesn’t involve going to the gym cause I hate that. I do have a bike. Any advice greatly appreciated as I would like to be able to run 5K in 30 mins and am currently only managing 3.

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Well done! Just did the same run. Not fast either, I'm not sure I ever will be fast! We'e nearly there!

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AngieW1968Graduate in reply to Ang33333

Two more runs......it’s unbelievable!!! Good luck Hun x

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I am also 10 minutes per km, just about to start week 8. Only 10% of graduates manage 5k in 30 minutes by the end of week 9 so I guess we will just need to work on pace after graduation... I think there are stamina or speed podcasts but I haven't looked at them as yet.... Keep going, almost at the podium!!! 😃👍😃

Well done, I'm on same week run as you and I'm still around 10 mins per k.

The speed usually comes along soon, as far as I've read anytime soon.

I'd say do some walking and use your bike to strengthen. This is what I do. I can actually feel my legs are stronger since starting this program and with walking bike riding etc

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AngieW1968Graduate in reply to Kar43

Going to add a bike ride on my rest days and see how I go on. Good luck with your final run and looking forward to seeing you on that podium x

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Kar43 in reply to AngieW1968

You to let's kill week 9 😉👍😂 x

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Just completed run 2 of week 9 and still run (more like shuffling) like i've got lead in my legs. Like you, i've got the breathing down pat but the pace is still really slow. I'm not worrying as it's an amazing acheivement to just get this far. Good luck with the rest of the week x

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