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rain - and a PB = happy runner :)

thank goodness it's raining, it has to be my favourite running weather :)

Big news - today I have shaved 5 seconds off my 5k time :)

39:55 :)

and it included a railway crossing and a slippy wooden footbridge both had to be slowed down for to cross safely so I think I might have a bit more to nick off next time, I'm starting to understand the maintaining rhythm thing I think

I also kept along the bottom road and avoided the climb uphill back into village for as long as possible to give myself a chance of coming in under 40 mins lol

Drowned rat but rather chuffed with myself - I've given myself 2 stars on the chart to celebrate PB :)

Was out on Fri too so chart has not been accusing me this week :)

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Well done bx, you're back in the groove! :)


Get you being all sporty and hardcore! ;)

Massive well done :)

My hubby ran the Hull 10k this morning in the pouring rain and got a new pb which was 10 whole minutes faster! All down to the magic of rain! I got soaked and froze watching :(


Great to hear that you're ticking off that chart of yours and earning extra stars ;)


Wonderful news! The chart obviously works. Funny how when you start this plan you are grateful to hear Laura say slow down, but as you progress you start changing your focus to distance and then finally speed. What a great journey. Great pb.


Great achievement, well done ! :-)


Nice one! Still having fun out there then?


A PB in the rain?? Well done! :)

I've not yet run in the rain, as I only run outside once a week so far I've been lucky with the weather, so something I've yet to experience :)


Well done Bxster, a great result! The stars are well deserved :)




Well done! A week for PBs!!!


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