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Week 6 done and smiling from ear to ear

Just got back from my final run of week 6 - Laura says I'm a runner, but I've felt like a runner from about week 3, why else would I be getting up to run at 7AM! when I didn't used to be a morning person, but hey it now official, so :-)

Wasn't going to blog this run but I enjoyed it so much. (where have you put the old Phil, enjoy exercise!)

Got a day off, so had a little lie in and went out about 8.30, struggled to find the right pace in the first 5 mins, but once I settled in I loved the pace and a light breeze helped. Don't know about anyone else, but I love running the same route (for now), because as I run I think, I remember when I used to walk this bit, how can I have ran that far now, when only 6 weeks ago!!!

And the half way point was further than I've ever got (woohoo new scenery) new distance PB!

When I finished I couldn't stop smiling for no reason, well other than I'd run for 25 mins.

So just mapped the run on a map app to see how far it was and it was 4k (and 40 metres) in 25mins, so chuffed!!! :-)

If you're in the first few weeks of this or thinking of doing it....keep it up / do it, I'm the fat kid at the back at school, 3 stone over weight and hadn't done any proper exercise for 24 year! I'd tried things but they never stuck, until NOW....

Ramble over! :-)

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Yay! Congrats! I just completed my final w6 run this morning as well and I'm the same as u- I can't stop grinning! Well done for the distance, am so jealous as I'm sure there's not many of us that can run at that pace in just 6 weeks. Bring on week 7!!!


Great isn't it, looking forward to three weeks !!! of non stop running!!!

Good luck with week 7 and enjoy exercising those smiling muscles today.


And what a lovely ramble that was! :-) Well done!

I found myself nodding my head all through reading this post!

Yup, it can turn you into a morning person without you ever meaning it to! I get up at 5, get my gear on and go! Even on days that I say to myself 'Nope, not happening today' and turn my alarm off to snuggle back under the blanket, my body just seem to get out of bed by itself and find the running clothes! :-) And it is enjoyable! The sense of achievement on finishing a good run is just amazing.

I also like to do the same route most of the time, but have several in my back pocket for when I get a bit bored, just to mix it up a bit. But mostly I stay with my favourite and see myself grow stronger/faster.

4k is brilliant, no wonder you can't stop smiling! Again, well done. This program really makes such a difference.


Thank you, glad it struck a chord...I'm off now to do a little more smiling :-)


I hope you've been doing the 'frown to smiling' podcasts or you may cause an injury with all that smiling. ;) Congrats on completing week 6 and becoming 'a runner'. I'm starting week 6 today, but I got up too late for an early run so think I may wait until this evening now (only run once in the evening before, on my very first run). Is W6,R3 when Laura tells you the great news? I decided to listen to my own music for the 20 mins of W5,R3, just warming up and cooling down with Laura. But I don't want to miss that magic moment, so should I listen to the whole podcast for the final run of week 6?


You could just listen to the warm down on run 3 to hear the news. I couldn't have done this without Laura but I am looking forward to my own music. Think I may just listen to run 1 for next 3 weeks and use my music for the other runs.


And good luck for next week :-)


Congratulations Phil, I just did this one today so I'm another one smiling ear to ear (love the podcast suggestion from legion!). I did the warm up & cool down with Laura (I got the 'officially a runner' bit) but had my own play-list for 25 minutes which gave me a real boost & like you I run the same route & get a kick out of running past where I walked, so I'm officially as high as a kite! :-)


Well done, It's a great feeling isn't it :-)


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