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Taking an easy week

After my 10k race a month ago, I've been in full-on training mode for a HM in October. So over the last 4 weeks I have been training 4 times a week, with one long run per week that has been getting increasingly longer (7, 8, 10, 11 miles). So I feel pretty confident that I'll be able to last the distance.

My long run on Saturday just gone was 18 very enjoyable km. Most of it flat, but with a few longish hills towards the end. But Sunday I could really feel it in my quads and Achilles tendons (it's always those two places for me), and it wasn't until Monday before I could walk up and down steps without making *that* sound and making a grimmace to match the ache. Unsurprising, really. My long run is almost twice as long now as it was 4 weeks ago, and the total distance per week is also the double of what it was. So the aches is just my body telling me to take it a bit easier for a while.

With the time from the start of the HM training to the start of the taper period being 9 weeks, I had already planned on giving myself an easy week in week 5. So the aches are just my body reminding me to keep my promise and not get excessive with the training.

So this week will be only 3 runs. No tempo, no speed training, no fartlek. Just nice and easy and enjoyable. And the weekend run will not be particularly long.

With that in mind, I set out along the canal towpath in my lunch break today. It's mostly grass covered, so it's a nice, gentle surface to run on. I know myself and my habit of looking at the Garmin all the time, so I switched that to showing heart rate only, so I didn't get carried away and started to wory about distance or pace. Had a really lovely run. Along the towpath past a few swing bridges, a disused lock, a working farm, after which I joined the main road for 500 meter before getting back onto the tow path that took me along the fields to a small "harbour basin" next to our local pub. During winter there are normally 4 or 5 narrow boats there, but with it being holiday season still, there were a dozen moored. That made me think about how lovely, relaxing a holiday that must be - sail slowly up a canal, sleep on board but next to a pub, and then after a few days puddle along for a few miles more. I could do that :)

My legs are happy to have been exercised a bit, and my waist line will eventually thank me for it as well. I think I could get used to this taking it easy malarky :)

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Sounds like a lovely run, Tomas :) It's great just to have a gentle run now and again without any pressure at all.

I've also quite fancied a holiday like that :)


Well that sounds just lovely. We did a canal boat holiday a few years ago in Oct half term. It was indeed idyllic and I would thoroughly recommend it :-)

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