New PB? Blimey!

I said at the end of July that I was using my 30th July time for 10K (1hr, 36 secs) as my new benchmark in training for the Great Yorkshire Run. I think I've established a new benchmark today for the 5K distance - I did feel that I was 'flying' (along the Chesterfield Canal towpath) but was nevertheless surprised, and very pleased, to see Endomondo reporting a 5K time of 28m 42s, an improvement of 1m 7s. I really want to do the GYR in under an hour if possible.

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  • Wow Ned that's a brilliant new PB time, you must be very pleased with that, well done. Now come on own up where did you get your wings from? :)

  • Thanks Oldgirl. I knew it felt good at the time but it wasn't until I looked at the uploaded Endomondo stats this evening that I realised I'd got a PB. As for the wings......on special offer at Sainsbury's. Oh no, that was chicken wings!

  • Brilliant improvement! Good luck for under an hour for the Great Yorkshire Run - how much longer have you got for training?

  • Thanks Greenlegs. The GYR isn't until 29th September so I've the rest of August and all September. However we're away travelling for the first half of September (running still possible but a bit disrupted) and then significantly disrupted for the second half by further in-UK travelling. So I'm trying to do the bulk of the training now and will treat September as "maintenance".

  • Well if your not using your old PB any longer is there any chance I can take it off your hands? Would love a PB you can measure in an hour and seconds rather than an hour and some minutes......

    Although that reminds me that I still haven't registered for GYR myself yet... Mind you I need to be able to run another few 10k runs before I do...

    See you there (hopefully)...

  • Absolutely; be my guest! Hope it works as well for you as it did for me!

  • Wow... That's really impressive...great stats... I wish you all the very best on the Great Yorkshire.. You northerners really do pack a punch don't you??!!! All hail Ned!!!

  • Oi, sweetheart, it's not just Northern you know, this is Yorkshire, Great Yorkshire Run. ...

    We even have proper Yorkshire Tea, none of your ponsy green stuff!....

  • Nothing wrong with green tea, or giant chocolate buttons for that matter... I need to learn the lingo having never been much north of's clearly all happening in Yorkshire!!!!

  • And don't forget the Tour de France starting in Yorkshire next year. I am just SOOOOOO insanely excited about that already. I never, ever, thought the Tour would come to me, and it is. As for tea, well wash my mouth out but I'm currently drinking Redbush Earl Grey at the moment (and expecting to be drummed out of Yorkshire at any moment!)

  • Firstly, good luck for the GYR, you can do it. As for the Tour, we marshalled at the Tour of Britain last year, and the buzz was incredible ~ if that was anything to go by, then the TDF will be truly unbelievable.

  • It must be tricky running with clogs and a whippet.

  • Reet 'ard, us Northern oiks!! Our dad made us eat gravel for breakfast. Gravel? You were lucky. etc etc

  • Dunno about the gravel for breakfast but you're getting up before you go to bed to get times like that! :D

  • Hey Ned, fantastic! Wow. PB 5k in under 0:29:00. I've got my hopes to achieve that by Nov. Right now, all focus is on C25K graduation next week, just the 30 minutes w/o the distance. Actually all the way through the program, I've been running each walk/run twice, back-to-back in the same session. So I know I can run 60 min, but a very slow plod. I took all courage in hand and installed Endomondo to anticipate post-graduate training -- too nervous now to press Start. I've got a very long way to speed up to catch you, but looking back at the very long way I've come in only a few weeks..... well anything is possible! And you've done it! Good on yah! My 63 yr old footsteps will be following in yours. Thanks for the boost! You are a great inspiration.

  • Hi OhCanada. If you're graduating next week, well done in anticipation. Endomondo definitely helps and it's just a case of keeping on keeping on. Press that Start button! There'll be less-good days along the way but I'm confident you'll also have days when you 'fly'. They're wonderful!! Which part of Canada are you in?

  • Thanks, OldNed. I live in British Columbia, on the coast. Half the time on on a very small island with some great running roads and paths, and half the time in Vancouver where running culture is a very big deal indeed. The weather is superb year round, of course wet in the winter but just like UK with less snow than you've had recently. Today was W9R1, went well, even if slow as ever I did feel stronger. The full 30 minutes is Laura's goal for me no matter the distance. As I said, what I've been doing is restarting the recording to take 5 minutes to recover and then do another 30 minutes before letting the episode roll through the warm down five. Laura says distance is the key for stamina and endurance [fitness], and I've taken her very literally. As for Endomondo, I really am going to keep it for a graduation reward. My post grad regime might turn out to be 5k no matter how long it takes me, and work on gradually edging towards 30 min -- AND BETTER -- as you're showing the way. And then follow your footsteps to 1hr 10k. Did you use the 5k+ recordings? Did you have other coaching? Great to have you and all the other grads here to help along us newbies. I'm already recruiting anyone who compliments me on how much fitter I look already than a few short weeks ago. Thanks again for your great posts! Grey badge soon, probably Tuesday. Amazing. Stay tuned.

  • Hi OhCanada. No, I didn't use any of the 5K+ recordings, in fact I've been running 'unplugged' ever since graduating. It's one less thing to bother with and I prefer the simplicity of it. I've not had any other coaching either; just kept on going. I can't even say I've followed the approach of increasing in 10% increments which others recommend. Some days I went out to do 5K and did 10K because it just felt right. Some days are just like that! Best wishes for Wk 9

  • That's very reassuring. Thanks. I like the 'do what feels right' approach, but worry a little about cold wet mornings. I guess the key is to embed the habit while the weather is nice -- and keep reading posts from you and the other C25k grads. This community thing seems quite powerful, to my surprise! Thanks. And best wishes for your training ahead. Keep us in the loop.

  • We train down 't pit; we're used to it.

  • Great flying Ned! I am sure you are going to achive your goal for the GYR but remember, it is running so no flying allowed! :)


  • Aw shucks, and I was so looking forward to flying. vroom vroom

  • Fantastic work Ned! Wherabouts in Yorkshire are you? Pity the site doesn't give you maps anymore. As an ex-pat I love seeing who lived in places where I lived.

  • Thanks Delia. I'm about as far south in Yorkshire as it's possible to be, in south-west Sheffield less than a mile from the Derbyshire border.

  • Training on the hills?

  • No, not really. I should be, I really should be, not least because the GYR finish is all uphill - a real sting in the tail. Something to get a grip of pdq, methinks

  • Short drive (across the border) to Hathersage, run up ('up' being the predominant word) to Stanage (is that spelt correctly), along Stanage Edge and back, If I remember correctly (last time we were up that way our previous dog was still a puppy) it's downhill all the way back!

    And while checking the spelling I found a good 10k route as well.....

  • That's a great link, and I know the area well. But Hathersage to Stanage is a BIG up!!!! I had in mind some slightly smaller Ups than that!

  • Well done Ned! The jury's still out for me as to whether to register for the GYR. I feel like I've lost my way a little over the summer as I have really struggled to cope with the heat. I think having the run for aim for at the end of Sept may help to get me back on track.

  • Thanks Saruma. I know what you mean about the heat, although I quite like it hot. It's ebbing away fast now though so should be comfortable enough by the end of September (although two years ago we had a mini-heatwave then!)

  • Ned that's amazing! Unbelievable. Well done you.

  • Thanks Dan; must admit I'm quite pleased myself!

  • That's brilliant, Ned - all the very best for the GYR and your training in between.

  • Thanks Anniemurph; much appreciated.

  • Joking aside well done - that's a great time and on target for a sub 1hr 10k so keep it up.

  • Thank you; fingers crossed!

  • With these times, the race day atmosphere should see you achieve a sub 1hour, numbers of people and weather permitting. Good luck

  • Thanks Phil. I'm hoping so. I'm a great believer in "adrenalin on the day". Who knows, a half-marathon next year?

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