Hello, is this mic on?

Hello all you wonderful people :)

My name is Jasmine and today I got back from doing W4R2. I have spent the better part of the last hour reading some of the posts here and I kind of wish I could meet you all. You rock my socks off. And I quite like my socks today, so that means something :P

About me: I'm Aussie. I'm 23. I don't smoke. I don't drink. I eat pretty well. So I don't really have an excuse to not be super fit.

I have a lazy relationship with C25K. I pick it up and then I drop it. I mainly blame work but I woke up on Sunday and refused to turn my work laptop on and thought that this is ridiculous. I need to do this. So, I laced up my shoes and trotted out the front door. Work is crazy busy but that is not an excuse at all. I work in a white collar job with very demanding hours, but, dude. This is 20ish minutes, three times a week. If I can't do that much for myself then I should really quit.

So this time? This time, I am going to finish. Hell yes I am.

I started on W4R1 on Sunday which may have been a mistake but I am honestly fine. Stretching, eating well, taking breaks and knowing my limits.

Loving this so far.


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28 Replies

  • Welcome Jasmine. You can do this. I know you can. And more importantly, so do you. All it takes is for you to NOT come up with any excuses this time around. The 20-30 minutes for a session is less than many spend on facebook each day.

    I look forward to read your reports about how well everything is going, and how you're not letting work steal those precious half hours from you.

  • I like how you said the word "steal". Nothing like appealing to me wanting to go "MINE!" when someone tries to steal something away from me.

    You're right, though. I can do this and I know it. Thanks for the support! :)

  • You're not Aussie! I know what he looks like and you're not him!

    Oh, sorry, I see what you mean, do forgive me. He's another member here; I dare say he'll be here soon to say hello.

    So, terrible joke (I specialise in them) out of the way, welcome to the community; looks like you, and your socks, will fit right in! There's all the motivation and inspiration here you could ever want or need. :-)

    Congratulations on your successful completion of W4R2 - it's a great sense of achievement, isn't it? And that feeling will just keep growing and growing. Good luck for run three!

    Sounds like you're doing all the right things and will fly through the programme. Good luck and keep us informed of your progress. I'll watch out for rogue flying socks. :D

  • If I hadn't done some lurking before I posted, I would have no idea what you meant, haha!

    And while I'll try to keep my socks firmly on my feet, don't be surprised if you see one hurtling through the air.

    Thanks! :)

  • Welcome, Jasmine :)

    That's the right attitude. As you say, it's 20 minutes three times a week but I know it can be very easy to talk yourself out of it because of a busy lifestyle. However, I hope you stick to it as you'll reap the rewards if you do. Plus, it's a great stress buster ;) Good luck and keep us updated on your progress :)

  • It IS a great stress buster! I had a horrible day at work and now everything in the world seems okay again.

    Thanks! :)

  • Great to hear that it helped after a mad day at work ;) It's great this running lark :)

  • Well hello , welcome to our crazy gang ! Look forward to seeing your updates - good luck !!

  • Thank you, Ejbirdy! You guys are a fun crazy and I like it. :)

  • Welcome Jasmine. Always great to get a new recruit. You're gonna love it :)

  • I already do love it. Thank you! :)

  • What a brilliant starting point - see you're already half way there. :) Stick at it - it will be sooooo worth it.

    PS. I have socks too.

  • I never thought that I was halfway there until you said it. And I definitely am going to stick at it, don't worry!

    Thanks :)

  • Hi Jasmine and welcome to our little "gang"! You've made great progress so far and, yes you will get to week 9 and graduation :) Stick around and keep letting us know how you're getting on.

  • Yes I will definitely get to Week 9 and I think sticking around here will definitely help that. Thanks! :)

  • Hi Jasmine - you can do this I know it's tough to combine with work but it is so worth it. 3 times a week isn't too much and just look at the posts on here to see how people change their lives it really rocks. Good luck and let us know how your runs go

  • I have read some of the posts here and it's amazing how people have turned their lives around. It makes me think that I really have no excuse since I started off in a much better place than a lot of people here - and look how amazing they have all turned out!

    Thanks :)

  • Hi Jasmine - you can do this I know it's tough to combine with work but it is so worth it. 3 times a week isn't too much and just look at the posts on here to see how people change their lives it really rocks. Good luck and let us know how your runs go

  • Welcome Jasmine, you will love it here , best place on t'internet !

    Plan when youre going to do your runs, and that's it , go ! :-)

    Keep posting on here with your progress, it really helps. The support, advice, experience and encouragement on here is amazing.

    Good Luck and enjoy it ! :-) xxx

  • Planning really helps. I have sign posted the days in my mind and I am sticking to them. I'm planning my life around C25K, not the other way around and it's helping so much.

    Thanks! :)

  • Welcome on board! I found coming back here and checking in every day kept me motivated to keep going. There's so much support here and it's invaluable in completing the programme. There's tons of us here from people still working with Laura, to new graduates like me, to old seasoned campaigners - we're all here for each other. See you after your next run!! Good luck!

  • You and me both! I could spend hours on this board - the people here are so supportive!

    Thanks :)

  • Now you're here you'll HAVE to do it, or explain to us! Love your attitude, you'll be graduating in no time.

  • Exactly! I have no excuse to not do it. And thank you! :)

  • G'day Jasmine!

    Aussie here (hehe) ... now, we need to stick together on this so you will be finishing the programme this time... I too have a job with stupid hours (IT consultant) and I travel a lot... My way of approaching this? Early to bed, early to rise, pack them shoes and get outside! :) You'll be awesome and if you have time to update Facebook and us (which you will) then you have time to do C25K... :)

    Also - I'm 42, used to smoke, still have a drink and I was 21kgs heavier less than a year ago... Now I just came back from a sub-29 minute 5K run, finished an 18K run last weekend without collapsing and have entered 4 races of at least 10K in the next 2 months and TWO half marathons next year... I started C25K having done NO exercise at all back in March this year...

    So - us Aussies need to stick together and we're pretty good at being competitive so let's show 'em what you're made of!

    Go for it! Also - you can have extras at the BBQ when you run... :)

    Keep us up to date... :)


    Aussie (the other one)... :)

  • Yeesh - I know people who are IT consultants and I don't know how you do it!

    WOW. It's people like you that keep me inspired. That is such an amazing story - I can't imagine how much your life has changed.

    Oh and BRING ON the Aussie spirit! Anything for another extra at the next Bunnings BBQ! Haha.

    Thanks :)

  • Hello! And welcome! I'm on W4 too, just completed R2 this morning, so not too far behind you. Keep it up and keep posting on here. I find it such a help to post and read the comments. Such a lot of helpful people, there's always someone ready to congratulate and encourage. I've tried twice before and given up but this time, third time lucky, I am determined to not give up. I really, really want to achieve running for 30 minutes 3 times a week. Let's do it! Happy running. SBx

  • You sound like you're in the same boat as me! Let's make a promise that this time we WILL get to running for 30 minutes, three times a week. It's going to happen. Yes it is. :)

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