The Race is on - This is it -Virgin London Marathon here I come!!!

I can't quite believe that Sunday is the big day - after all the trepidation of last June deciding to enter and then putting my money where my mouth is. So this is my last post before the big day. I will try to post on Facebook - but i am pretty lame in that dept.

How am I feeling - strangely after all the anxiety -Zen like calm. I really have come out the other side of one of the best life journey's I have ever had. I have had so many worries, so many times wanting to give up, been so sore at times and crushing crisis of confidence. So far out of my comfort zone. But I have got here in one piece and I feel as though the race is a small piece of that journey. Quite amazing really- so currently calm - but anticipatory. Make no mistake I want that medal and I want to run - but I feel I have been given a gift and I am at peace with myself.

My heart is full and huge and has grown from all the fantastic support I have had-it is a big part of my visual get round imagery.

Bags packed - one with running gear, one with clothes. Near panic couldn't find my fav running socks- catastrophe! Last additions to music - Valerie, unstoppable and The Jam.

Many thanks to all of you for your support and good wishes- it has meant the world:-)

Happy running and thanks for reading.xx

PS - A few of you along the way have asked me for my fund-raising page - which i have resisted - but if you wish to support me my just giving page link is


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69 Replies

  • Wow - good luck! You sound well prepared and in a great place, I am sure you will storm it!

  • Thank you - storm is the right word. It feels like the calm before the storm:-)

  • You have had an amazing journey Suzy and I am sure you will have a fantastic time on sun . I am so pleased that you are calm and sounds like your head is in an excellent place for a great run . Fingers crossed for good weather conditions . They say you appreciate things that you have to work for and you have really worked for this so be proud of what you gave achieved to get this far and just go out and enjoy yourself Can't wait to see pic of your medal Go girl

  • aaah - thank you- much appreciated. Weather looks warm for sun - too warm maybe....

  • All the best you are well prepared & I'm sure you will kick it's ass !

  • You know that is how I feel - I am on it!!

  • You're a real c25k star Suzy, will be cheering you on in spirit on Sunday. :-)

  • thank you - it was after all C25k that got me onto this running lark....and look where it has got me....

  • Marathon Queen...what a journey...I'm so excited for you, its going to be amazing....we will be right behind you and with you cheering you on...go nail that marathon :)

  • Tahnk you - i hope so:-)

  • Have a great run. Looking forward to reading all about it once you've recovered :)

  • Ha ha - yes have recovery massage booked and week off work:-)

  • Wow! I am so impressed. I think I will need to do at least one Marathon in my life. I shall put it on my bucket list :)

    Good luck and I hope you enjoy everything about the day xxx

  • I would recommend doing it- if it is something that appeals. I for one never thought it would have appealed to me - but once the decision was made it was like a switch going over in my brain:-)

  • Wishing you all the very best for Sunday - you'll do it and I will be joining the others on this site in cheering you on.

  • Thank you for your good wishes

  • We will all be cheering you on, you know that. We are all soooooo proud of you getting there. Go have fun and enjoy yourself. Good luck.

  • thank you- that is fantastic support

  • Good luck Suzy! I'm sure it will be the experience of a lifetime :) soak up every second!

  • Tahnks -I will:-)

  • Best of luck: you will be amazing :-)

  • Thank you

  • Wishing you all the best, we are your virtual cheerleaders! Have fun x

  • thank you for your support:-)

  • And thank you for your generous support-very kind.x

  • Have a lovely time, and just let us all know on here how you get on, although I think I will be checking your progress on Virgin's website.

  • thank you for your support - and thank you for visiting virgin - much appreciated:-)

  • Good luck Suzie! Can't wait to hear all about it well done on raising so much, have added in a little more for youxxx

  • Thank you Prin - that is very kind and generous.xx

  • Mo should watch out !

    Very envious - have a great time and good luck !

  • Thank you RNW - I have him in my sights:-)

  • good luck Suzibenj! will be stuck at work so won't be able to watch it on tv but hopefully will get to see some highlights later! enjoy yourself and can't wait to see the medal and victory post! :)

  • Aliboo - thank you so much - -very kind and generous - much appreciated .xxx

  • Great blog from another champion for team C25k! All the best for tomorrow. Lots of virtual cheering from this community too.

  • Thanks for that - never thought of myself of as champion - but I quite the thought - maybe....:-)

  • The very best of luck, I hope you get to enjoy the experience, you are an inspiration to all C25Kers.

  • Thank you for support:-)

  • Get you! Am in awe of your spirit and you sound like you're in the right "place" mentally. Sending very best wishes!

    Mrs dan and I are going as spectators to cheer on a friend who is also running it so I will also be cheering YOU on too!!

  • Thanks day-z. I will hear you loud and clear:-)

  • amazing to get to where you are! Congratulations for the past year of training for tomorrow. I can't wait to hear how it went and see that medal! Have a great run! :)

  • Thanks-I counting on the fact that 98.5 percent of people who start-finish. I hope t o post up pic of me with medal

  • Rooting for you and hope to be following a friend on the website. You may have posted it before but what is your number so I can follow you too?

    It sounds a fantastic event.

  • 39809-thanks for following. I have very reluctantly given this out to folk. But it is about time I nailed my colours to the mast. My aim is five hours. But it is warm tomorrow -so to finish intact -is good enough:-)

  • How exciting!! All the best for a great run, enjoy it x

  • Thank you for your good wishesx

  • Wishing you all the best! Have a brilliant run!

  • Lily-what a lovely name. Thank you for your good wishes and your generosity. Xx

  • Have a brilliant day. We are all running with you in spirit :)

  • Thanks tready-the virtual running mates-is a big part of keeping me going:-)

  • Can't make it to London after all :( .... Will look out for you on TV, wearing my c25K shirt, and whoop whooping you along all the way. You know that every possible good wish for luck, soft pavements, and a gentle breeze behind you comes from us all. Have fun xxx :D

  • Aah whoop whoop -thank you. I will have that in my thoughts. This support is amazing and means so much.x

  • Will be thinking of you as I watch on TV. Have a wonderful day!

  • Thanks hennith:-)

  • Awesome! You sound so 'together' I'm sure you will kick some butt tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you and wish you all the very best for a fab day xx

  • Thank you-gremlin nerves are starting to set in now. Calm calm....

  • Will be thinking of you. Have a great time whatever happens.

  • Thanks great advice-it has been a great experience:-)

  • Will be cheering you on and hope you have the best run of your life! You are truly an inspiration, and have another whoop whoop from me x

  • Thank you so much -this support today is amazing. And thank you for your generosity -very kind:-)

  • I hope it goes well for you and you will have all of us cheering you on!

  • Thanks :-)

  • Congratulations on getting this far- an inspiration to many! Hope Sunday goes well and you can enjoy the event. Looking forward to reading your next post . Good luck!

  • Thanks Cathryn

  • So well done for getting this far, I am in awe of you. Wishing you the very best of luck for the Big One tomorrow......just soak up all the amazing atmosphere.....and ENJOY :) xx

  • Thanks for your wishes CC-I will try to remember to enjoy it:-)

  • I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Brighton last week, it's a fantastic experience. I was calm until the day before - I felt ill and shaky and didn't recognize it as nerves until it all got better once I started "racing". Will be thinking of you tomorrow and cheering you on (not to mention wishing I was doing it too !)

  • Thanks-forgotten how busy and over stimulating London is. Feel a bit knocked now. So cup of tea and lie down. Wasn't nervous -but can feel ' what am I doing here' feeling coming on. If I ignore it -it might go away:-)

  • Good luck. What an inspiration you are. Will be thinking of you. It's such a great event.

  • Congratulations! I was inspired by watching the marathon today and if I have the balls I will be entering the ballot for next year. EEK!

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