Do you use your race shirts

From the two races I've been in so far, it seem to be common for the organiser to chuck in a "free" t-shirt as part of what you get for your money. I now have two. I also have two Cancer Research t-shirts, as they also give them away when you promise to collect donations for them.

These 4 "special" shirts are laying at the bottom of my runing pile in the cupboard, together with the c25k graduation t-shirt. I want to preserve them. Keep them "for a special occasion", although I know perfectly well that the special occasion won't ever come.

So what about you? Do you - or would you - use race-specific shirts, or would you like me keep them "for a special day"?


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  • In Sam (South america) everyone wears there race t-shirt, also popular races change their colour each year so you can tell who ran what, when. So when I am out running I see lots of people with their race t-shirts and it's great! The other thing they do is in santiago one of the rules is everyone apart from the elite athletes have to wear their race t-shirt on race day, which now I like this idea! So my plan is to wear my race t-shirts when I do regular runs.

  • Sorry - I just can't stop laughing at the tags (pun intended).. :)

    Wear them with pride.. particularly in the same race the following year for extra bonus points... I'd be wearing them on training runs, etc... I see loads of people out with their race shirts on... :)

  • I need to move back to the big smoke. I meet the occasional dog-walker and sometimes a cyclist, but I don't think I have ever met a single runner on my tours around Melbourne.

  • I'm in London.. Homesick now! :)

  • Can we get a tshirt here when we graduate?! Haven't seen any posts about that for ages!!! Or am I being blind?!

  • Oh absolutely! Well, replace "get" with "purchase", but still...

    Have a look at

  • Oh brill!! Thank you!!! Will check it out!!

  • And apparently there are now also badges :)

  • Even better!!!

  • I also have two tees and to be honest, I haven't yet worn either and both are at the bottom of a drawer. One of them, is red (not really my colour when one is sweaty and red faced) but the material is of a good quality running type, whilst the other is more of a (throw on) cotton t-shirt type that I could wear for hiking. I may wear them in the future but really, they are more souvenirs xxx

  • I have 2 technical race tops, 1 I got at the end of the blaydon race and do wear from time to time (depending on what top is my fav of the month) I have a my GNR Parkinson's UK top which I will keep for special occasions as it means a lot to me. I have 3 cotton tops, one from the GNR and Gateshead 10k which I sometimes wear day to day as they are no good for running in being cotton and a Epilepsy UK cotton tshirt which I was given to run in for a 5k and will probably not use again unless we do more fundraising for my colleague at work :)

  • Another idea is to sew them together into a "memory" panel before they become unreadable. Either whole shirts or by cutting out the relevant panel. Sew them onto a plain bed sheet to keep their shape. I do this with my tour and festival crew shirts and lanyards, always there to remember.

  • I've got 3 technical tees and 2 cotton tee shirts. I'm not too precious about them, and use the technical ones for running, cycling or at yoga or Pilates class. Sometimes they can be a starting point for conversation with strangers. Not so much when running as I never meet other runners, but when hillwalking or stopping at the local shops when cycling.

    One day I was walking down the street in a small neighbouring village wearing my Tiree HM cotton tee when I was stopped by a woman I'd just passed and who noticed the shirt. We had a lovely wee chat about the race! :-)

  • I haven't done any 'running' races yet but I have done a few muddy races. I tend to wear the technical t-shirts and vests whenever I go for a run or go to boot camp (this one doesn't happen any more!)... I even have a bobble hat from one I might put on when it gets cold and I'm still (hopefully) running!

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