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Wk6 R1... In a mini heatwave

If today's run taught me anything it's that I should maybe start paying attention to weather forecasts. Today was a glorious and sunny scorcher of a day and, for some reason, I didn't see the problem with that until the beginning of my first run in a big, open park with no shade.

Result? I made an already tough run that bit harder.

As always, the first few minutes were horrible, but I've started to expect that now and usually just blast cheesy songs I can mouth along to. However, once I'd gotten myself into a rhythm, I only had to worry about finding more flat ground in the shade and telling myself my calves weren't really hurting that badly.

To my surprise I found myself hitting 4mph for the majority of the time, which is feeling like real progress! :)

Really looking forward to getting back to longer runs from now on and hopefully I can keep edging up until I'm eventually running 10 minute miles.

I'd also love to enter myself into a 5k before the year's out, but the route includes a whopper of a hill which makes up the first quarter (eek!!) so once I've graduated I'll need to get cracking on training myself to run uphill. It's daunting, but then again, so was the thought of running 6 weeks ago!

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Good effort ! I too ran in the heat today and was most alarmed by the size my hands swelled to !

Still , out there and doing it in any weather ....... we rock (and run) :)


I found that as well! I walked for an extra 5k after my run and by the end my hands were wee red sausages!

We do indeed! I've only got wind and snow to run through then I've got a complete set! haha.


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