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Week 8 is gone

Did not intend to go for a run today but the voice in my head kept saying 'but you didn't run yesterday!!' so by 2.30 I was fed up with the voice and gave in. Very sunny and warm and I really struggled to get into a rhythm. Finally felt good after about 15 mins and was fine until Laura told me I only had 5 mins to go and suddenly my brain started listening to the gremlins. I finished the run and made myself run for another 20 secs after Laura told me to stop just because I was so mad at myself as I know I can comfortably do this run. Seriously tempted to wave bye bye to Laura and just stick to the garmin. I didn't run with her on 8.2 but actually feel like I should stick with her until graduate as she has got me this far - I am aware how mad this sounds lol. Anyway just 3 more runs until graduation all being well. Can't believe I am finally on week 9.

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Brilliant! Getting really close to graduation now. Have to start planning your post grad running adventures!


Thank you. The thought of going it alone is a little daunting as I love structure. I am going to have a look at the stepping stones and see what I think.


I ditched on W9R2 in the end and went it alone , I have oooodles of respect for Laura but I was fixating on her time checks and needed to break the mind cycle on it.

Very best if luck with W9 and graduating :)


I also said goodbye to Laura in week 9. Couldn't have managed without her at the beginning but in the end her time checks were having a negative effect on me too! good luck!


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