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Week 7 Finished

That's week 7 finished, I cheated again and started before Laura had finished talking and carried on for a minute after, took a bit longer to get in to a steady rhythm but the run was good and feeling ok , stretches before and after seem to help, no twinges in either calf so hopefully stretching is helping. Upped the pace for the last 5 minutes and that was harder work but will try upping the pace a bit earlier over the next runs. Enjoy the rest of your weekends, I'm off for a shower and then week 8 starts!

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That's great but read the post that follows yours as a bit of a warning too.


Perhaps I am feeling a bit too good about it, stick to the program and the rest will follow, wise words, definitely don't want to get injured now.


Well done Paul.

It sounds like you are doing great, but just don't push it too far in case it comes back to bite you. Running too far/fast before I was ready is what has stopped me from running on more occasions than I care to remember over the past 20 years.

I used to think that programmes like the c25k were for 'normal' people and I was somehow invincible. Until I injured myself (again) and then gave up (again).

This time I stuck rigidly to the programme and it worked. My only 'running fails' were when my pace was far too fast, so I slowed down and did it the next time.

You are at a point where your body has started to get used to the running, but the level of exercise is now much more intense that it was at the start. Your body is taking a hammering each time you run and is not yet fully used to it. Running is a high impact sport and I am sure we are all guilty of forgetting at times that we are treading a fine line between pushing ourselves further and risk of injury, so just be careful as I would hate to see you get knocked back at this stage.


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