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Week 2-Very Tough

I have found all this weeks runs tough despite repeating week 1. Today for run 3 slowed down to virtually walking but still hard. Doesn't help that where I live is pretty hilly so impossible to avoid some uphill. Any flat I am ok with but hard to find!!!! Does this mean that the programme isn't going to work for me as the terrain is rather unfriendly?

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I would say keep going. I am exactly the same and live in snowdonia in Wales! I had to change my route half way through wk three as i was struggling to complete some parts due to the hills. I found a route that i can take and then turn back. There are still some hilly bits but it does get better and you start seeing them as a challenge after a bit. I am about to start wk 5. Dont give up. You can do it. Just take it really really slow until mentally you are able to do it with ease.


My routes are all very hilly as well. I try to work out routes where most of the bigger uphills are at the start of my runs. As I am running up I don't look at the top of the hills and try to think about how much the process is helping me to tone! You are up off the couch and that is what is important. Speed doesn't matter, nor does repeating a week. You can do this, it is tough but will be well worth the effort.


Hi brooky, I am also on week two and live on a hill so I can empathise, I plan my route so I go up the hill at the start so I know I have the down hill to come home, it gives me a big smile as I come round the corner and see it.

You could try driving to a more flatter (if that's even a word) location to complete your run or even get the other half or a friend to drop you off some where so you have to run home.

I am sure someone with better advice will be along soon, please don't dispare there will be a solution to help you and feel proud of your self for getting out there and achieving the session, you are amazing and keep telling yourself that.


I live in a very hilly area which had passed me by until the c25k. Then I realised! Hills at the start of the the runs are a great tip. I also found a fairly short but fairly flat route through my park so I did laps. Laps are boring at times but when I moved to the longer runs it was the only way.


We have a love- hate relationship with hills, and the times Laura says start at the beginning of an up bit couldn't have been a coincidence - she must have been watching!

There is nothing wrong with going as far up as you can and turning to run down part way up - you are still running. Nobody says you have to go in a straight line. Believe me, the ups do actually get easier. Take it steadily, you don't have to go quickly up them. This is a big change to most people starting c25k and repeating weeks helps you to adjust to your new levels of activity.

One day soon, you'll make it to the top of that hill in one go and be ready to continue and you will be elated.


It just means you'll get more bang for your buck on the fitness front. I suspect if you do the program in the hills when you do get a chance to run all flat you'll be amazed. I have two hills on my regular route, they do make things tough but they also make for great goals/challenges to overcome. Happy running!

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I have hills too, I used to walk up them for my 5 min warm up, then I started to run a bit and walk a bit and now I can run up all of them. (Still get me mightily puffing and blowing) but I do love a downhill on the way home ! If you can't find any flat to run on , console yourself with the thought that you are getting fitter quicker !


I too live in a very hilly area as do many c25K'ers, no chance of a flat run - I am either running up or down :) You can do it, you may find you run a lot slower than some others to begin with but there is a reason for it and as you progress you will find that the strength and stamina you build will be great for continuing your running. I did one run (week 6?) whilst staying with a relative and ran on flat ground. It felt so easy compared with home runs. Consider these hills as your personal training plan :) Don't give up, you can and you will do it .


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