Very long 2 miles!

I'm really finding this hard work. Today I did the same loop I did on Saturday, not quite as fast because I was by myself. I was shattered when I finished. I walked a few steps too. On Saturday, I finished with a fast bit, but today I couldn't have gone any faster to save my life! I'm just not getting any fitter, I thought a time would come when the whole 5K thing would be ' if not easy, then not as hard! Oh, woe is me!!! At least my knee(s) didn't give me any problems but I have Keepfit tomorrow, and the acid test will be whether I have any pain. I was so pleased yesterday, when it was raining. Too wet to go out, shame!


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  • There's bound to be days when it doesn't feel as good as we want it to. But you've kept on with it. Don't give up. Have you done a parkrun or 5k run with other people?

  • I've done 2 Parkruns, the 2nd one really did for my knee, I cut over 50 secs off my time but the knee started hurting later. I've been doing a 2 mile loop and today I did a 2.5 mile run with my daughter. I've done a few runs with her and she really makes me stay the course. I'm definitely not giving up, today I did some hilly bits that I didn't think I could do, which felt great!

  • Don't despair, you've achieved so much! Are you doing too much? I've found that I do much better and feel far more comfortable leaving 2 days between the longer runs in W6 and 7 and intend to do the same in W8. I don't see that it matters that I'm not going out on alternate days - I know it's going to take longer than 9 weeks to complete C25k - but I'm not bothered by that but rather am looking for the 'feel good factor'! Good luck and more power to our legs!

  • I know what you mean. It took me 50 runs to graduate rather than 27, and I keep hoping that I will get fitter. I'm obviously a lot fitter than when I started, but the 5k I have done twice is totally knackering and I struggled with 30 minutes the other day. I keep wondering when I will start to enjoy it. I sort of do, but as you say, it's always hard work. Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad I have done this programme and I will continue to run, but it's not easy yet.

  • I hope we get faster and that's why it gets harder, but, the older we are, the less likely we are to be breaking records, or even smashing personal bests! Todays 2.5 miles was hard work because of hilly bits. I do like to stay on the flat!!

  • Sorry - having re-read that I didn't mean to be depressing! But there is someone in the same boat as you, which sometimes helps to know.

  • Just reading this, sorry to hear you're having problems, Stayinbed. I still feel like it's hard work too, and I feel a bit bad that I've never run anything approaching 5k. I love the feeling when the run is finished, but sometimes the actual running is such a killer! I haven't ever run for more then 31 minutes either. I think you've done both, from what I recall of your blogs.

    It does sound as though you could be overdoing things a bit. And is it worth mentioning - could you be anaemic? I see to remember reading somewhere that Iron-deficiency anaemia is a common problem for runners, and that would certainly make you tired.

    It's not depressing to hear your comments, Anniemurph, it's immensely reassuring! I guess we 're just all different and some people just cruise through, while others struggle at times. I think I expected some kind of miracle when Laura said "You will be able to run further [yes] and with greater ease [not so I've noticed]" but hey, we've only just been running a few months and we're really still novices at this.

    Right! Think I've gone on enough. Keep blogging. We all help each other through the bad times.

  • You're so right Annie, it really does help to know other people are finding it hard going. We just have to remember how hard it was all those weeks ago when we started!

  • I had visions of being able to float gracefully through the countryside, with the gentle glow of exercise on my face, carrying on a conversation with a companion.


  • Me too, I just cannot talk and run!

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