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At last 5k in 30 mins yippee!!

I have finally achieved my goal since starting on this wonderful C25K journey 2 years ago. I have recently returned to treadmill running in the school holidays to try to set my pace. After experimenting with several speed intervals I have now found a method where I can achieve my 5k in 30 mins. I do a pyramid run starting at 8.5km/hr increasing by .5km/hr every 2.5 mins up to 11km/hr and back again. I have found this very achievable and am so pleased to have finally reached my goal.

A little advice please is anyone aware of how I can achieve/plan this method for an outdoor run using an app as I just can't beat 32mins and I much prefer running outdoors? Thanks in advance.

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Someone more experienced will, no doubt, be along with good advice soon but I just wanted to say fab achievement, well done x


Well done and a great achievement. Love the 'pyramid' plan :)

I'm not aware of an app to allow this but I'm sure someone can advise of a way ;)


Well done, that is a great time! I have a Garmin 10 watch which you can have set to beep at intervals and it does display your pace so you could monitor your watch and do it that way but unsure if there is a phone app out there which does the same. Good luck, I am sure you will get there.


Thanks folks! Will continue to do my best outside for a while and who knows might get there one day soon :)


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