1 year on from starting C25k and have broken the 5k in 30 mins goal

I started the programme just about a year ago, with some start-stops in the spring due to a knee injury and graduated in September. This morning, I finally broke the 5k in under 30 minutes, running the 5k in 29 mins 44 seconds (nearly a minute of my previous PB). I have no rhyme nor reason for why some runs are fantastic and others are much slower or more difficult, but when you it goes well, the feeling is great. And I do believe as Laura says that even a bad run is better than no run. For all those still going through the programme or just starting, please don't give up. My knee nearly stopped me but with steady perseverance, some physio and support from my husband, I got there. Now to set the next goal…..!


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  • Congratulations on making another running milestone. There are so many variables at work when we run, whether they are personal (physical and psychological) or environmental (routes and weather) that it is impossible to pin down why some runs are good and others bad. Regardless, they balance themselves out at least (although I would say that for me "bad" runs are very rare (said he holding tightly onto his wooden table)) and isn't it great when the special one comes along and delivers a memorable run.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Fantastic - well done :-)

  • It's brilliant that you've kept with it and it's encouraging for those of us who graduated and haven't managed the 5k in 30 minute thing! We'll get there in the end!

    Many congratulations!

  • Well done - and thanks for writing about it. I think I'm back on track to graduate, but I suspect that my graduation run will be closer to 3K than 5K (because my pace is around 1K in 10 minutes at the moment). Good to hear that it is possible to keep improving !

  • Well done. That is still a goal I am some way off achieving!

  • Fanatsic news. It's a great inspiration to those of us who have graduated without the 30 min 5km. It's a dream for me but one I will preserve for. Thank you for sharing. Happy running.

  • Hi everyone, so it's not just me then.

    What a relief to hear so many other graduates still have to master the 5km in30 minutes marker. It is one of my goals for Janfastic!

  • Well done. Yes a run is better than no run. I say this, as I'm still sitting at the computer!

  • Well done. Suspect will take me a year to get there too. Just finished week 6 (gymn treadmill due to weather - cannot face cold and flooded roads). The 5 min walk, 25 min run and 5 min walk was just over 4k so quite a bit off the pace of 5k in 30 minutes. Glad to hear you have achieved such a result. Well done!

  • Thanks to you all for your positive comments. And good luck to those still working towards this milestone. I was way off this goal at graduation and even a month ago was not sure it was do-able. It is great to be part of this community. Happy running.

  • Really encouraging to hear you've done it - I graduated in August 2012 and still not hit the magic 30 minutes. I know the important thing is to be running but it would be great! I will keep trying, maybe I'll be posting one day to say I've done it too :-) We'll done, be proud!

  • Keep going - I was way off and then all of a sudden started knocking chunks off my time so I am sure you can do it too. Trailing someone faster can help (as long as they are not that much faster otherwise I lose them fast) and I also rearranged my music to have some faster beats per minute tracks at key moments, e.g. uphill where I tend to slow down and the last 0.5km.

  • Thanks for the ideas :-) I'm determined to do it some day, and it really helps to hear when other people have managed it. Willt ry the music as I definitely fall in with the tempo I'm listening to.

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