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Flexibility test


I am aware that I have some flexibility problems - particular regarding my hip flexor muscles - which I need to address as I believe it is severely affecting my running ( resulting in a short stride length and hence slow pace)

I have found this video on Youtube youtube.com/watch?v=pjRmW83... which gives 7 simple flexibility tests for runners - I am slowing going through them. Might be of help to others .

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Great link, thanks for sharing !

misswobbleGraduate in reply to LadyP33

I had a look at it Baz. I wish I hadn't. Failed the big toe test for starters!

Bazza1234Graduate in reply to misswobble

Life must be really hard for someone who can't even pass the "big toe test!! " :) :)


I failed 3 of the tests - hip flexors, hamstring and quads. Going to have to do some research regarding this - as to what I can do .

Meanwhile, I've had quite a full week - exercise and running wise -- so I think it's time for a beer and a full days rest tomorrow.

Do I get a cookie for passing all the test? The only area where it is a little uneven is the big toe test but hey I expected that as I know the big toe on my right foot has started to fuse, but I was actually surprised how far I could still bend it.

And erm should I perhaps mention that I am a little bendie, I do actually need to work on my hamstrings they are a little tight but I could still pass all the test :D

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