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Strength & Flexibility podcasts - Laura again!

I had a cold this week and didn't run on my usual days, and my usual fitness classes weren't on, so decided to try Laura's Strength & Flexibility podcasts. I think they're really good! I have to admit to doing them indoors as I would feel an eejit doing exercises outside on my own. Drew the curtains and did it indoors, jogging the walking bits, trying not to trip over pieces of furniture, etc. I'm used to dong core stability / Pilates but these were mostly slightly different exercises which I enjoyed and it was nice to have them explained and talked through by the lovely Laura.

I'll continue with them - there are 5 weeks, a bit like C25k you repeat each podcast 3 times before moving up. Has anybody else tried them?

PS I don't work for NHS Choices!

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Soozz I haven't tried them yet but have been thinking about it. I'm glad you posted as now I think I might give them a whirl. Also I suspect behind closed curtains, lol


Sooz, I'm going to do them once I've graduated from this - definitely indoors though!


Yes, did the first podcast once, also indoors behind closed blinds. ;) I can't do the ones involving bending your knees (my knees were not amused!) and I couldn't find anything shoulder-height to use (used the treadmill hand grip, which is much lower), but apart from that I liked them. I need to do something for my upper body fitness. I liked that there was lots of Laura talking and little musak. :D


If you have any questions or thoughts about Strength and Flex, be sure to check out the forum:



I'm thinking of starting these but after looking at the videos I don't think I could do them outside either!



Strength and Flex can be done indoors as there's no running involved and the exercises are done on the spot. You just need enough room to move around freely. If you have any questions check out the Strength and Flex community on Health Unlocked.


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