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Since I have started my longer runs I have had soreness in my thighs which normally eases off when I get into my run but returns once I have finished. Yesterday I went out for my first run of week 9 but after 20 minutes my thighs were so sore I stopped so as not to injure myself. I am doing stretches both before and after my run and also stretch programs on the days in between my runs.

Today I mentioned my problem to a friend who goes to the gym who suggested that as I have a bulging disc in my neck which is causing me curvature of the spine my body probably has a muscular imbalance and causing overactive muscles. Apparently although stretching is really important no amount of it will help as its soft tissue and flexibility I need to work on. He described it as a knot and stretching it only makes it tighter so I also need to address the knot and to do this I need to buy a foam roller and use it daily or invest in lots of sports massages which is not an option.

Has anyone else suffered with this and if so have they tried a foam roller and do they work?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I feel I am so near the finishing line but could also be so far away due to just not being able to complete those 3 last runs and was rather hoping this to be part of my normal weekly exercise.

Thanks Karen


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12 Replies

  • I rolled on it a few times and it sorted my knee problems- I didn't buy one - my gym had one for use at any time - I use it and roll on it after every run on the treadmill x

  • So it does work then, not quite sure how but if it works worth a try. Do you know what was causing your knee problems. I run round the local nature reserve as I find it too hard on the treadmill so can't use the gyms one but may be worth my while investing in one.

    Thanks for your help x

  • Not sure about the roller as I have never used one. I had pains in my knees after w9 r1 and rested for an extra couple of days until I felt the pain was gone.

    Please do not run until you are ready to continue as you are so close it is tempting to push it. You do not want to have a permanent injury. Listen to your body :-)

    I am tempted to try the roller for my knees though :-)

    Good luck with your next run

  • Yes it is very tempting but I don't want to cause an injury where I have to give up running altogether. I don't think I have seen a foam roller in our gym but maybe you just have to ask, might be worth trying before I buy one.

    Thanks for the advice and happy running!

  • I told the man at the gym my knees were really sore. He explained that if your big thigh muscle is not stretchy or flexible it can pull on the knee as you run. He said that rolling on the foam - and it is not soft foam! Can roll out the knots in the muscle and help strengthen and lengthen and ease the pulling knee. Does that make sense? Sorry I don't know technical terms :) x

  • Technical terms would go straight over my head so your description is just perfect. Sounds like the sort of problem I have but with my thigh so does make total sense and I am going to give it a try. Thank you x

  • I remembered a big discussion a while back, don't know how useful :-)

  • Thanks for the Phil that was really useful seems the way to go.

  • I have a foam roller, I find it helpfull but painfull. The foam is quite hard and using it can be agony.

  • I used a cellulite roller last night as thought breaks down tissue under the skin and boy did it hurt when I found the tender spots but am sure it helped so I will be getting a roller.

  • Thanks for all your help and advice. Last night and again this morning I massaged both my legs with a cellulite massager from avon as I don't have a roller yet. (assumed as it breaks down cellulite under the skin it may help) It definitely found the tender spots so I worked on them and I do believe it helped. I managed my first 30 minute run of week 9 tonight and although my thighs were sore nothing like Monday when I couldn't complete it. So I have stretched, iced and rolled and hopefully will get to graduate!!

    sats 30min 4.75km which I am more than happy with!!

  • #stats even!!!

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