Sports therapist visit - nothing too serious :)

Hi all,

Visited a sports therapist this afternoon and had a thorough examination of my knees and in particular my troublesome left knee. Good news is that it's not too serious. A common runners injury apparently. That's fine, I like common :)

It seems my knee cap isn't 'rolling' back and forwards as it should, but being pulled slightly to one side by tight ligaments on the outside of my knee and tight quads. This is then putting strain on the inside of my knee causing the pain.

Had a sports massage to loosen up the quads and ligaments etc which, at times, was quite uncomfortable but the 'knots' had to be massaged out. I was advised that it may be a bit sore tomorrow but should settle down fairly quickly. Felt great afterwards though :) I also have to start stretching after my run and will probably need a follow up treatment next week.

As for being able to run my 10k at the weekend? Well, she said I won't do any further 'damage' as such but to take it slow and steady and be prepared to walk/run the course. Mind you, I'll need to run it all otherwise I won't feel as though I've 'done' it if I have to walk any of it. That's just me though ;) Good news is a couple of her colleagues will be at the Middlesbrough 10k offering sports massages after the run :)

I also asked about leg strengthening excersises. She did warn about over strengthening the quads as that can have a negative effect on the hamstring causing possible injury elsewhere. Advice is to work on all the leg muscles from your bum down ;) Just a heads-up as I know a few of us are working on strengthening our quads.

So, it looks like I may well be attempting the Middlesbrough 10k on Sunday but my goal is to finish and times are not a concern. If I get round the course without walking I'll be over the moon, even if it takes me two hours :)

PS not sure if people have seen this website but I found it very informative for people with problem knees :

Stay injury free people and happy running ;)


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33 Replies

  • Great news paul. Good luck in the 10K like you said just finishing is the target ;-)

  • Thanks :) Yep, finishing is my target ;)

  • Excellent news Paul, what a relief for you. Good to know its nothing serious , there ,doesn't that feel better ? :-)

    Good luck for your 10K xxx

  • Lol, it does indeed. I couldn't stop thinking that I may have to give up running!

  • Hi Paul, it's really good news to hear that you're not on the injury couch and can carry on for your 10k - it's not going to be how you had trained and planned for it but I bet your walking pace (between your run, walk, run) is still faster than my run pace :) !

    You"ll be able to look forward to a lovely post 10k massage never mind a medal for your courage! So slow and steady and enjoy the great atmosphere; Have you got another run on the horizon?

  • Great news indeed :) Not as planned but under the circumstances more than happy to just be able to experience the atmosphere........and possibly a post run massage :)

    I had already signed up to do a 5k trail run two weeks after the 10k which I'm looking forward to :)

  • Oh Great to hear you have another race to look forward to - look after those knees especially this weekend! :)

  • I will ;)

  • That's great you will be able to do your first race. Glad she said that it's nothing too serious. I really could do with a nice sports massage on my legs and back so made sure you take advantage of that. When I get back to uk I will be getting a foam roller methinks.

    Interesting what she said about the stretching the old quads.

  • You've just reminded me. She also highly recommended a foam roller :) She said it's not as effective as a proper massage but well worth getting. I'll be ordering one ;)

  • SportsDirect had some on sale for £16.99... they are killer! :)

  • Yeah, I've been reading up on them and it seems it's quite painful, at least to start with. Mind you, the massage wasn't exactly pain free at times :)

  • Foam rollers are awesome! Just found the joys of mine after it sitting still in plastic wrapper 6 weeks after buying it, had a tight muscle so got it out, hurts like a b**ger when you use it but the lack of pain and stiffness afterwards is amazing! Got mine in sports direct, just a plain one, no nobbles :) glad to know it your injury is common, hoping it fixes itself soon!

  • I too have a foam roller which I have not yet got round to using, it is starting to gather a layer of dust which just makes me feel more guilty :D

  • Get using it :) I've just ordered myself one off amazon, a knobbly one :)

  • Thanks :) Glad to hear you've found a new friend in your foam roller, lovefood ;)

  • Yay! Sounds like money well spent, and thank you for sharing the advice - enjoy your 10k. :-)

  • Thanks :) Money well spent indeed :)

  • that sounds tough...and its only through running that I have learnt how complex our bodies are and how we need to care for them if we want them to submit to us!! All the very best for the 10k, and look after yourself :)

  • Thanks, JJ. I realise how complex our knees are since having my problem ;)

  • MATE! Awesome news... Great to hear it's something "annoying yet normal" and that you're still likely to go for it on that 10K...

    Don't worry about pace, don't worry about anything but taking it slow, easy and finishing it... you know the drill sir... slow and steady is what we're about... we also need you regularly reporting for duty so no overdoing it now!

    I'm REALLY, REALLY happy for you... so take care of yourself now! Jog on sir... Jog on... Woohoo!

  • Lol, thanks, Aussie. Yep, I know the drill matey (problem is sticking to it ;) ). Looking forward to jogging on ;)

  • Thanks, KK and good advice. I may even join in the communal warm up before the race :)

  • Glad it's nothing serious and hopefully you don't make it worse by doing the long run. Good luck !

  • Thanks :) Fingers crossed ;)

  • Will be thinking of you as I do the Doonhamer 10K on Sunday - this is my home run in Dumfries. Good luck and hope the knee works properly - I think I had the same problem as a teenager - which eventually meant going under the knife - but they did a good job and as it is now nearly 30 years ago the running has not caused it any problems.

  • Thanks and good luck with your home 10k, too. Glad to hear you've had no further problems with your knee ;)

  • Great news Paul- enjoy the run. make the most of the massage and take it steady! x :-D

  • Thank you. Slow and steady and a nice massage at the end of it :)

  • Great result with the Sports therapist Paul. Take in nice and steady on Sunday and, even though I know you don't want to, please consider walking if you start getting any pain. Fingers crossed that you won't need to though. Good luck :)

  • Thanks :) I may have to walk yet but hopefully not ;)

  • Good result, so pleased you can still run your race! Enjoy it and don't forget to give us a full race report afterwards :)

  • Thanks, so am I :) I will do :)

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