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The sports physio

So, I'm sure you'll all heard me moaning and whinging about my stupid hips.

After my osteopath didn't shed any light on the situation I booked in to see s sports physio today. What a lovely man!

So he told me lots of things I'd already guessed e.g I've got flat feet, knocking knees and my pelvis isn't aligned which is why my right shoulder is more slumped..

But he also looked at my thigh/ hip and said "actually I know your hip is painful but I think you have a groin injury". Turns out he was right. Ohh he pressed along my abductor and I nearly jumped off the bed! He thinks that I've torn the abductor and stretched the ligaments that hold it in place?!

Anyone else had this problem?

He did loads tonight. He massaged, gave me exercises, used special cooling potions and a weird machine that makes my muscles contract. He said I MUST rest and ice it but I must do enough of my exercises to help build it. Feeling a bit more positive about things today.. 😊

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Well that's good news! Well, not the news that you're injured, but that you know what it is! You can now do something about it. Phew, thank goodness for that

I hope you won't be out of action for too long.

Good luck x


I felt it was good news too! Crazy but true! Thanks 😊


Oh Twisty , sorry to hear of your injury , that sounds nasty but on the positive side , you now know what the problem is and you can be fixed :-)

Did they give you any indication of how long it will be before you're fit and do you have to go back to see them ?

I am so glad that you have got a diagnosis and you can now work on getting better xxxx


He said it can take upto 6 weeks for the abductor and much longer for the ligament. HOWEVER he didn't feel the ligament was a major issue. He felt the abductor was my big worry and he had lots of ways of helping me with that! He felt at least 4 weeks with absolutely no running but was sure I could build up to running 5ks after this with the right exercises to build up hip/ back strength and some (awful ugly!) insoles for the flat feet.

Thank God!! 😊


Ah 4 weeks will soon pass by, you may not think it now , but it will :-)

I am soo pleased for you Twisty , there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you will be as good as new ! :-) xxx

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Ouch, that sounds like a nasty injury. BUT I am really happy for you that you have found a gem of a physio who has given you good advice, treatment and exercises - being able to self-help is really empowering. But please rest, heal and ice, and don't be tempted to run, just for now - or Pops, Miss Wobble and I will be round to give you a telling off... xx


I can't argue with that. I really have been missing and it'd be my own fault if I did it after being adviced to rest! Ha ha. Thanks 😊


Coo. The "Twista" bit of your pseudo is suddenly very appropriate :D Now the problem's been named you're well on the way to a solution! Soon you'll be back in those trainers without wincing :D

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Sports physios are always my go to people for a sports related injury. I had an ankle injury and all that my GP said was wrap it and stay off it for 8 weeks. I developed I-T Band Syndrome this year, went to a specialist (who is a runner as well). I am still able to do some running but have to scale back during on-going rehab weeks.


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