C25K Reboot :-)

After 10 weeks off recovering with Achillies tendinosis I got the all clear to start running again. So Went in at W2D1 and apart from a bit of tightness in right thigh and calf (post run stretching sorted that) everything went really well. While I have been off I have done lots of road cycling which has increased my fitness levels and also helped the weight drop off (about 10Kg). If thinks are ok at end of week 2 I will go get gait analysis done.

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  • Hey RK , I remember you , Welcome back, and I am so glad you found us again :-)

    Hopefully your injury is fully behind you now and you can pick up the reins again .

    Good to hear from you :-) xxx

  • I hope so to. The cycling certainly helped and didnt find the running as arduous as the last time, but need to take it steady all the same.

  • Well done for getting back out there again, and for the weight loss. Keep up with the stretching as it really helps with the tightness.

  • thanks

  • Well done for getting back out again, but more well done for substituting cycling while you were sidelined.

  • thanks, really love cycling

  • Glad you are recovered and come back to us. Good luck - go carefully now!

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