How to stay motivated after C25K? Starting wk9, eeek!

I am doing Wk9 run1 when I get up this afternoon (on last night shift of this week at the mo); have done C25K all alone, found this forum last week! Any advice on how to keep up with the motivation once the plan is finished - I will download the C25K+ podcasts but use the every other day running to push me to get out there - have run in sleet on Sat, and went out in the snow a few weeks back! Helping me to lose weight & get fit for my 50th in November - 1st 5lb off so far, v long way to go though!


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7 Replies

  • Try joining your local Parkrun it'll add a social side, you may even find a running partner

  • Hi poppy - I also finish in just 4 runs time, but I have written out a programme for the next 10 weeks to build up to 10k- and at the end I have a 10k run to aim for. Have a look at my bog for my intended programme. I think by having it written on (I have dates and allocated run scheduled) I am more likley to 'go' - like you I have been every other day since xmas!

  • Congratulations, soon to be graduate!!! We found setting long and short term goals helped us with our motivation. When we meet a goal, we gift ourselves with a running pressie. :-) We also found we need structure with a schedule so last month we started 10K training. We are now week 5 of a 6 week plan. I won't be near a 10K distance, but I will be able to run 1 hour. :-) The C25K+ podcasts are great to build stamina, speed etc. after graduation. Gayle

  • Thanks for your replies... I have looked at the local park run and would like to try it out once I am definitely doing 5k, the thought of running with other people is very daunting, as I don't have much confidence in my technique or ability!

    Running 10k ( or even thinking about that) is so frightening! Think my poor old knees would crumble at the thought of carrying me along for that long! Will definitely look at your blogs/plans though....

  • Another running target may help - I want to get a 10k done by the end of March, then I am signed up for a half marathon on the 12th May! That might be a bit of a stiff ask (I am not sure yet if I can actually get that far so soon) but definitely want to do a half mara this summer. :)

  • Hi Poppy very well done and your right to ask as many before you have done. When I graduated the C25K+ podcasts weren't out but they are now so download them (Free) as before and you will get 3 different workouts to try. I think the main thing though is to really enjoy the freedom you have now earned to run as you feel you want to. Your music, your pace, your distance, no holes barred and just enjoy it for a while. If you haven't reached the magic 5K in 30 minutes that something to aim for and mixing up your runs will help you there. Wishing you all the best for your graduation week and look forward to seeing Graduate against your name.

  • P.s your graduation badge is a lovely reward for all your hard work but I treated myself to some nice new kit. Thats a real insentive to keep going and it feels great to wear something new when out for a run. So get out to the shops and buy some new running gear to show off. :)

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