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Week 9 - C25K completed!!!

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Just finished week 9 run 3 - I've graduated!!!!!!

As no-one was in the house, my husband is away for a couple of days, it meant I could woo hoo and yee ha to my heart's content this time but actually I was feeling a bit down as I'd be on my own congratulating myself when I finished, but as I approached the treadmill I saw there was a gift on it with a card, it was from my husband and the pressie was a Garmin 110 as a well done!!!!!! So, after having a little happy weep I pulled myself together and off I went. Many woo hoos and come ons later I did it!!! Such a great feeling :)

Thank you everyone for the support and encouragement on here. And of course a massive thank you to Laura and to the C25K team :) :) :)

37 Replies
Bxster profile image

I want to cry :) grinning like a nutter here :) virtual hug :)

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MinuetteGraduate in reply to Bxster

Thank you!! Virtual hug back! :)

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BxsterGraduate in reply to Minuette

Oooh proper virtual cuddle going on :) loving your new badge :)

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That's fab! How lovely of him and WELL DONE you ::high five:: :D

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MinuetteGraduate in reply to ClearlyAM

Thank you - high five!! :)

Ausencia profile image

Congratulations and keep on running :)

Minuette profile image
MinuetteGraduate in reply to Ausencia

Thanks I certainly will :)

Greg_M profile image

Never doubted you for a minute :-D

Awesome and enjoy your new fitness.

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MinuetteGraduate in reply to Greg_M

Thanks Greg :)

mair99 profile image

It's an awesome feeling for sure, congrats on setting your sights and achieving your goal!

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MinuetteGraduate in reply to mair99

Thank you next stop the 5K!!

Gridlet profile image

Well done you! That's fantastic! Really chuffed for you.

Minuette profile image
MinuetteGraduate in reply to Gridlet

Thanks :)

BTX4 profile image

Well done Minuette. What a lovely husband you have. You must feel fantastic.

Celebrations tonight???

Minuette profile image
MinuetteGraduate in reply to BTX4

Thanks, celebrations tonight for sure!!

Rose885 profile image

Whooo! Well done lady you did it!

What a lovely husband you have too :)

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MinuetteGraduate in reply to Rose885

thanks and yes I was very touched :)

shelleymcb profile image

thats fantastic. graduation & pressie as well :) you lucky girl :)

well done

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MinuetteGraduate in reply to shelleymcb

thank you - I'm messing with it now hoping to have some nice charts next week :)

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shelleymcbGraduate in reply to Minuette

got mine wednesday :) had to go out for a walk as Id already run before it came, just so that I could plug it in & look at the charts. they are really good & even I was able to set it up on my own :)

enjoy your new toy :)

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Fantastic! :) You deserve it, enjoy the Garmin, I'm delighted your hubbie has recognized your brilliant achievement! :)

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MinuetteGraduate in reply to ChrisMcB

Thank you :) Yes, he's been really supportive which has made it a lot easier!

blueboots profile image

Awww, that is so lovely, what a great husband. Congratulations and a woo hoo and a yee ha. Well done :)

TJFlute profile image

What a wonderful husband! Congratulations on graduating; and now you get a badge too!!

AliB1 profile image

WHOOOOOPPPPP! Congratulations :) What a lovely suprise nearly brought a tear to my eye...how thoughtful of him

Enjoy your garmin!

witchynic profile image

ooh what a star you have there ... and what a star you are! well done. x

Beckipeg profile image

Great news, well done. Will have to let my hubby know he has competition in the best hubby stakes - now where can I leave hints about Garmins?

AliB1 profile image
AliB1Graduate in reply to Beckipeg

i think he'd mentioned it on his blog....you never know he may already be thinking about it!

yabba dabba doooooooooo!!!!! :)

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OldNed profile image

Brilliant, on both counts! Well done you.

ShoutingWoman profile image

Well done you ! Are you going to try the Bridge 2 10k next ?

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MinuetteGraduate in reply to ShoutingWoman

Thanks! I'm going to work towards running for 5K next, then yes probably do the bridge to 10K :)

Shelwa77 profile image

Congratulations!!! Well done you, such a great achievement...I'll hopefully be joining you in the graduation stakes soon. Each person like you is an inspiration to people like me :)

Tapira profile image

I've been travelling the last few days and I have been looking forward to hearing about your success- so whooo hooo from me - and very many congratulations on your achievement!!! Go girl!!

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Only just seen this - congratulations on your achievement and on having such a thoughtful hubbie ;-)

simonHumph profile image

Well done! I'll pass this onto my wife as a hint ;)

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