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First day to 5k

I can't run at all and haven't since school 30 years ago. My weight is building up 16 st and I'm out of breath walking stairs and washing the car.

Tried the pod cast level one and really felt amazing after the first 30min walking / running workout. Loved the music too.

Really going to try and complete the programme.

Does it tear really hard.


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Well done, that's the worst over, you have made a start! Just take it steady and it will be week 9 before you know it.


I'm a size 22 and a graduate. If i can do it you can too! Good luck and remember to have fun :)


Hardest step - done! Well done... just go slow and steady and remember how good it felt to finish today... You'll do great! And check in here regularly for support and advice... and to boast... we love hearing about running... :)

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Well done. I think you have made the hardest step so onwards and upwards from here.


Well done! Stick with the plan. At the end of each week the next will seem impossible, but it works and with a little push you'll manage each new run! (At least I hope, I'm still half way through :P)

I was in the same boat health-wise, good thing to grab before it gets completely beyond help and get your fitness back!


Please keep it going Sburgi, as others have said, you have done the hardest bit by making a start. You will just feel better and better as you go through the podcasts and there is no law against doing the weeks more than once until you are comfortable with them.

You are out there doing it - brilliant :)


Well done for starting - slow and steady and you will get there. There is so much support on this forum so any doubts or queries, someone will be there to guide you through :0)


Not if you follow the programme exactly and go slowly, take your time and finish each session

Those who fall by the wayside will be those who try and go at it like a bull at a gate, get turned off cos they don't enjoy it, and quit

Don't be one of those. Go slowly through the weeks, ticking each run off in turn before paying your attention to the next one. Take the rest days as Laura says. If you're patient and go slowly and steadily then you'll succeed at this

The weight falls off your bottom like no-one's business. Once you see the weight loss you're more likely to keep on with running beyond Graduation and that's when a body transformation can begin. You have to put the effort in with the running and the healthy eating. You get out what you put in of course

Go for it!

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Perfect candidate for the c25k programe :) Welcome aboard and well done on taking that first step :)


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