Couch to 5K

26km in 26 weeks!

Well it doesn't sound that bad when I put it that way, so how about doing a 26km run 26 weeks from now...

About this time last year I joined this blog, struggling along with the early weeks of C25K. But I did it, finished it and then got to 5k. Got to 10k eventually and then ran for a few more weeks getting up a bit further.

I had done it and I was a runner, earned my badge and proved to myself that I could do it.

So thats when I stopped because I knew I had done it....

I remembered reading about Phil's epic run the first time he did a HM distance. Malcy's amazing achivements and Aftabs becoming the bionic man on here.... There was no way I could do any of that, yes I could run, but I couldn't do that, I'm not as good as them.

But there is one runner on here, who has inspired me to get back out there, to lace up my trainers and put one foot in front of the other. That I am capable of so much more than just 10k.... That I can do double 10k, that I can do a half marathon.

So today I have entered my first HM race which is at the end of October, which means that 26 weeks from now I want to be able to run for 26km. If I know I can run 26k I know I can run a HM. And now I have something new to aim for.

Thank you Mrs Panther, but you had better get your shoes on because I'm coming after you now.

Happy running everyone

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And you will nail it MatthewW with a good training plan, and remember you have to 'push that body, punish that body' to get what you want. As for the panther... The hunt is on then, ill be ready and waiting! Good luck and keep blogging and panthering!

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Thank Mrs Panther lady - and yes - will be back out there with a new vigor and a spring in my step.

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Lovely to see you back Mathew and just remember this running malarkey that we have all taken up is not about what other people are capable of doing. Its about you, its your achievements and no one can take that away from you. So if you run 5K in 45 minutes or 1/2M in under 2 hours the hard work has been done by you so hold your head up high and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

As for Mrs Panther, well she's just a mere chit of a girl and we all know Panther Girls are hot fast things that we love to chase but hardly ever stay in sight of us for long ;) Love her to bits and agree 100% when you say she motivates others. Keep on panthering while I go out and do some panting :)

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Thanks too OldGirl - and that's what I realise is that it is about doing your own thing, yes others will be faster, run further and get their quicker, but that doesn't make them a better runner than me.

Oh I think I'll be able to keep her in my sights for quite some time to come ;-)

enjoy the painting


Good luck with your ambition. I'm sure you will do well. Best wishes.


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