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Week Three Run One

Unfortunately my knee is definitely showing signs of getting painful again so I don't know how many more blog posts I'll be writing :( I was on the nice soft grass again today and that felt much better (even though my trainers got absolutely soaked). It's such a shame that I just may not be suited to running when I enjoy it so much - I have worked and volunteered for charities for ages and all I've wanted to do is complete a race to raise money for them :( Instead I'll have to bow out and watch from the sidelines. I'm not sure what I'll do if anyone accuses me of being lazy - I don't think anyone should stick around to find out because I will not be happy!

Still, I'll crack on for now - it's not painful yet, just twinging a bit, and I'm also not always trusting when it comes to my body. I'm forever getting aches and pains and hurtling off to the doctor only to find it's absolutely nothing and I've got myself in a flap for no reason.

Managed the three minutes no bother at all! Hurrah!

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Hi sercreative, here's an NHS link with advice about knee pain in runners:

It's worth getting it checked out, as well as the icing and stretches advised, best not to run through pain. Make sure you have decent running shoes too as this can make a difference. Hope you get sorted soon! :-)


Quad exercises are an absolute necessity for all runners, according to my physio who has a special interest in knees and running. They're hard but I'm hoping they'll make all the difference. Also, take care running (and even walking) down steep hills. It apparently puts an awful lot of strain on your knees. Don't give up the running, just accept the need for extra effort to protect your knees. Good luck


I have knee pain which I am working through with the Quad exercises that my Dr mentioned last year and said there was plenty of info on NHS website - but I could never find. Having restarted running I have looked into the stretches and making sure I do them to help and getting myself a good pair of trainers!

Don't give up yet - go careful and good luck too! x


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