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Post Grad Run = week 4 C25K

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My hubby has been inspired to take up C25K after seeing my joy (I think!) at completing it but wanted to go straight to week 4 (!!). So I went out with him. I have to say his pace was fast which stretched me and I didn't find it as easy as I thought I would. Maybe I've got a bit up myself?!

Anyway, we did it, and I'm really pleased he's taken it up but it got me thinking about the psychology of the walk breaks. I think now I've got used to longer runs that thinking about stopping and starting interferes with the flow of getting into a groove with a pace. Of course it's helpful or I wouldn't be here (!) and I'll be doing it again with further training things.

Just wondered if anyone else felt this - and was thinking aloud. :-)

17 Replies
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Since graduation, I've pushed on from 5k and I've never used walk breaks. I just run a little further each time I fell able to push things.

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Oh, that's an interesting idea. I like the sound of that. I'm gradually building up a picture of how I want to proceed to 10k I think :-)

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Good luck to your husband. Mine won't so much as go for a walk! Enjoy your time spent together xx

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I_willGraduate in reply to PandaRunner

Thank you. He is good at lifting beer too, during the footie ;)

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PandaRunnerGraduate in reply to I_will

Lol they can all do that! :-D

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Bazza posted about a marathon runner

who uses walk-run and there are some very sensible points in there about the advantages of using walk-run over making yourself keep running. The main idea (if I remember it rightly) is that everyone (even elite runners) has a distance where they would not be able to run any further. If you run less than this and walk for a bit, you'll be able to carry on better than if you hadn't walked.

You could think of your W4 runs like speed interval training runs - alternating fast and slow intervals. Sounds like you're alternating faster than normal with walking, which would work.

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I_willGraduate in reply to runningnearbeirut

I've bookmarked that article, it looks really interesting and am planning to read it later today. Speed interval training sounds like I know what I'm doing!! Thanks for your thoughts, very helpful

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Good luck to your husband, brave man to start on w4. Mine did once suggest he'd come with me when I was on about w5 but he's 11 inches taller than me and fit as a flea from cycling, so I sneaked out before he got up :)

I know what you mean about running intervals again after getting used to the longer runs and I'm also at the same stage as you in trying to work out what to do next. Suspect I'll end up doing 2 30 minute runs midweek before work and gradually increase the distance of my weekend run. What about you?

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I_willGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Thanks AncientMum :-)

I think I want to work towards 10k, but there are so many plans etc I had become confused, and then quite a few people on here have found their own way that suits them best, so that's really what I'm trying to work out.

Enjoy your running!

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I currently use both non-stop running ( up to 5K) and run/walk for longer distances. I have to admit that I sometimes think that the two kinds of "exercise" are possibly not very mutually compatible. I definitely support the concept of run/walk, but think that sometimes it tends to undermine the concept (and practice) of continuous running.

However, even at Parkrun which is limited to 5Klm, I do see a LOT of people with injuries - I am not sure how they come about, I am aware of people seeming to me to try too hard and push themselves too far, "macho" type modes of thinking along with "always try to beat your best" modes.

I am using run/walk for a coming 14K "race" because when I first entertained the thought and actually registered for it, I was of the opinion that it was the ONLY way I could do it. I am not so sure now -- but I do find the reptitiveness of non-stop running to be possibly damaging -- I am no Olympic champion nor a youngster. I still don't have any idea of which way I will go in the future -- but I don't think I will continue to mix the two styles of "running". Probably if I were to think about much longer runs in the future, I would stick to run/walk

Right now, I feel that I could easily work out towards completing long distances (say HM) using run/walk -- but could and probably would not do it using continuous running.

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I_willGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

Very interesting. I down loaded the b25k and noticed that it ends with a 1 minute walk between the two 30 min runs which surprised me. I was wondering if that minute could be eradicated over time, or do most people take a break like that half way through?

There's kind of a feeling that I'm failing if I need to walk too now, on a 5k after graduation it's because I've reached for it and I know I am capable of doing it without. It's usually bad mentality too.

But, yes, training is a different matter.

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Bazza1234Graduate in reply to I_will

I think that you are talking about W5D3 of the B210K programme - the day before they transition to 60 minutes non-stop??? Bear in mind that this is a training programme to get you up to running non-stop for 60 minutes -- as such this "trick" of having a 1 minute walking break between the two 30 minute runs is more of a "psychological trick" -- it is not run/walk as such

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I_willGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

I think I must have a different B210K! For me, week 5 is 9 mins running, 1 walking, 4 times pus 5 mins warm up/cool down. This is that confuses me too, they're all really different.

You're right about the 'trick'. Well put.

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I totally agree. I have been doing C25K with a friend and its much harder all that stopping and starting.....that must be lovely having your hubby with you...typical bloke they are always quicker than us!!! :)

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I_willGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Yes, bigger muscles and maybe some kind of left over determination from school not to be 'beaten by a girl' lol!!

He's been really supportive too

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Well done to your OH, I really struggle when I run with other people who are faster, I find I can only run for a shorter distance so I like running solo and each weekend try a longer run, normally about 50+ mins and now covering 7-8k so happy with that.... Good luck and keep going!

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I_willGraduate in reply to Alex62

Thank you. Running solo is the best :-) running with someone who is faster is .... challenging!

Enjoy your running!

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