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Back on Track

Good morning Couchers. Definitely a good morning. :)

I decided, after the injury break, to carry on with week 7 until I was back to 25 minute runs. The first time I went out I did 15 minutes and then needed two short walks during the last 10. The second time it was 17 minutes and two walks. I felt in a bit of a rut. So this morning I ditched Laura temporarily, put the radio on my mp3 and a watch and set off on a different route.

I decided not to look at the watch until I felt I had to stop. I knew roughly how long I had been running from the radio updates. I won't pretend it was easy, but it felt better than the last two runs. So I took a couple of walking steps and looked at the watch...only two minutes to go to get to the 25! "Bl***y well run woman!" I said to myself....and I did!!

Legs felt like jelly, but my breathing recovered quickly and after stretches and a shower I am on cloud nine!!

Just wanted to share this happy feeling :) :)

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Fab and fantastic I never use the programme only just followed the written plan and use to put on the ipod fitness tracker.

I found out that I was better like you when no-one told me how far I had run, so for the last weeks of 8/9 I have planned my route so I roughly know how long it will take and just ran. I did wear my garmin watch but just used that to see how slow I was going. It is a fantastic feeling when you near home and you look at the watch and it says that magic time x


Thanks KatrinaC :)


Good job Amisnan! I too have just returned from a break (hols mainly) and managed a 25 minute week 7 run. You're dead right ... Bloomin' well run! :)


Good job right back at you then Mamma_Mia :)

Maybe our shiny Graduation badges will soon be a reality! X


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