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W5R3... I can't believe it!

I can't believe that tonight, I ran for 20 mins straight on the treadmill! The first few minutes were tough mentally ("god, another 18 minutes to go? I'm never going to finish this, I may as well just stop now") but as soon as I got past halfway, then 15 mins, I knew I could finish it.

Feeling so good right now and I can't believe that after reading hundreds of people on here worrying about W5R3, or hearing of everyone managing to do the 20 minutes, that I am now one of those people too!

Happy just doesn't quite cover it. :D

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Splendidly done! Yes, that "18 minutes to go - let's just stop now" bit is a tough one to get past! You did it! :)


Fantastic Wristy, well done :-)

This is a major achievement in the program, you have definitely earned the right to that Happy feeling


It feels fantastic the achievement of W5R3 doesn't it, well done and woohoo :-)


Me too! :-)

I did it yesterday morning - a beautiful sunny morning which reflected how I felt!


Well done you !! I am also a treadmiller, and did W5R1 yesterday, so was really interested to read your comment, and when I get there (Friday), and think "18mins cant do this," then I will think of you and just get on with it too !!! Hopefully I will be whooping with glee as well. Wish me luck XX


Well done you! I have the (dubious) pleasure of w5r3 tomorrow - yikes! Had my first running fall yesterday, so fingers crossed the bruised knee, thigh and elbow will stand up to it ... x


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