Newbie runner and busy mummy wondering what time of day is best to run

I just did my first run and was surprised that it didn't absolutely KILL me - though I feel really tired this avo after the exertion. I'm wondering when is best to run - I look after my 18 mo in the day plus preschool runs need doing in the week. When do most ppl find the best time to run is. Thinking I might have to do a 6.30amer or a 5.30pmer as I'm worried that once kids are in bed I will plop on sofa for the night!!


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13 Replies

  • Hello and welcome to the forum. I think most people would say that everyone's optimum running time is different, and you might nee to experiment to see what's best for you. Personally, I find running in the morning a horrible experience - I get headaches and cramp and am generally grumpy after. My best time for running is just before dinner - not easy I know if you have a family, but I've got my other half to take over two nights a week to make dinner for us and the kids, and I head out for half an hour or so then. After sitting at a desk all day, I feel like I have some energy hat I need to burn off. You'll be different I'm sure, but try some different runs and see what suits you. Good luck, and have fun!

  • Im a run in the early morning kind of person. I'm ready to go first thing. Not so good come afternoon and evening. Everybody is different though. In a way I like to run early to get it out of the way and also I feel I have an energy boost through the day. Flump a bit earlier in evening though. The main thing is for you to enjoy it when you do it. Good luck. :-)

  • I like the evening runs the most- feed the kids, then dad does the bath time, I run, then shower and adult dinner.

    However my husband workshifts so he's not always at home in the evenings. Then I usually go for early morning runs: around 6-7 am before I go to work/school runs. But afterwardsI have torush with shower,breakfast dressing kids and myselfand don't likeie (but somehow can't get up even earlier...)

    Goodl uck!

  • Thanks for your advice! I'm in the same boat as you all - I work part time so some days have to get into office and others it is the school run etc. my hubby is self employed so our lives lack a consistent routine. Will try a few different options to see what works! Thanks! :-)

  • As a busy mum myself, and I work full time too...( my kids are older now), I find early mornings and weekends are best...good luck, and well done!!!

  • I find that running with the one year old in the pram on the way back from the morning school run is my best slot. It takes me around twenty minutes to walk home, so only takes a tiny bit more out of my morning if I run instead. Have to be a bit brave turning up to school in running gear though. Am always convinced the parents and staff still laugh at me, but it's not happened yet!

  • Good on you! It shows you're looking after yourself. I wish I did this program a lot earlier than I did with my little girl when she was a baby. Good luck! :-)

  • I love to run in the mornings and will be off soon. Just waiting for husband to wake up and take over the kids!

    In the week he works long hours so I generally don't get out till about 7.30, after the kids are asleep. It takes a lot of will power for me to get out the door, but it's usually worth it!

    Good luck finding a time that works for you and the family

  • I prefer running in the early evening. In the mornings I find I like to stay in bed till the last minute.

    If you have a decent buggy, try running with your toddler. I used to do power pramming when my youngest was that age.

  • I've just completed week one. I prefer to run in the morning but my husband leaves work very early so not feasible. I therefore run when he comes home (have my gear on and ready to leave). He gets home at 5pm so I have already sorted dinner and it's in the oven for him to take out when I get back.

  • Not sure if my experience may be useful. My situation is slightly different in that my OH works part time & I'm the one with the full time job and commute. For me, I get up around 5am to go for a run. This fits perfectly into my routine, plus the roads are quiet. Everyone is different. Maybe you could try experimenting with different slots to see which one works for you? The main thing is not to get too hung up about it though. So for me for example, I have mentioned in another post that my 18 month old has started waking at 5am and I have tried taking her out with me but it is hard work. OH is not a morning person so I've temporarily started running at lunchtimes. But I go to work earlier, so overall I'm home at my usual time. Find a time that works for you, but don't get hung up if you can't make that slot, just make time later if you need to.

  • One of my whinges in my former, notrunning life was that of course actresses can be fit and thin. When they arent actually working on a project, they can devote hours of the day to exercise!

    So i have been a stay at home mom. And my little one began school, and a couple of other things made me realize i had better just not let that time fill up with nonsense like more house cleaning, or better planned meals, or trips all by myself to the library. No, i could devote mid-day time to exercise. So here I am.

  • Ive just bought a treadmill, im v.overweight and haven't got the confidence to run outdoors yet!

    I have 2 girls at school and 1 at home, so my plan is to run while she naps. :)

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