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Best thing about today?

I did my R3 of W6 early this morning and I DID IT!

Took Lucky Ducky with me and we decided a change of route was needed. I think we were both a bit bored with the same route running around the neighbourhood. It was a bit odd getting in the car to go running but we parked up by the riverside in our town and warmed up around the car park. We then set off for the 25 minutes along the river. No pavements, no cats, no cars, no undulating driveway drop curbs etc. which made it much simpler to negotiate in the half light. The river was calm and peaceful, swans swanning about and nearly no one in sight. This route takes us along the river and park land and I must say its beautiful. This is where the Park Run is held every week. I'm aiming to join this when I've got the hang of running for around 30 minutes but 25 was enough today.

TWENTY FIVE MINUTES! That is a complete milestone. I'm so chuffed and still on a high.

I was so happy at the end of it and so knackered too but what the hell, if it wasn't hard it wouldn't be worth doing. Just one step at a time.........

SB x

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That sounds wonderful - what town was that, if that's not too nosy?


Shrewsbury in Shropshire!


Lovely :)


Sounds just lovely. Well done on the 25mins running too!


Lovely idea and sounds like you had a great run. Fab idea and am tempted to drive somewhere flatter just to avoid the moderate lumps in the landscape here.


Great stuff! Well done you - 25 minutes is a big milestone.

Congratulations on getting through week 6 and good luck with week 7. I finished week 7 today and found it a bit monotonous, in contrast to the variety of weeks 5 and 6. Maybe I should follow your example and travel a bit further afield for a fresh route?

Two thirds of the way there now - keep it up, you'll be graduating before you know it! :)


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