This morning I went out and did a nice and slow 5K. I wanted to complete it slow enough so that I wasn't out of breath or tired by the end, as I want to try a 12K on Saturday morning - just for my own amusement. I did it in 31'24 which is 5 minutes slower than my PB, so I believe it was a good pace for 12K. If I can sustain that pace for 10, then the final 2K will be purely down to mental strength and I think I can do that. At least I hope so!

There were no damsels in distress today, no distractions from my dappled sunlit run along the Thames. I managed to keep in shade for 80% of it so that was good!.

I have just watched the triathlon at The Commonwealth Games and saw an English woman Jodie Stimpson win Gold. Hooray! But how on Earth do they do those events one after the other? The swim and the bike ride are punishing enough, but how do they then run a 10K! Stone the crows! Incredible to watch.

Hope you like the picture of Ed which he very kindly sent in to me. He's working on his General Election appeal by talking "street" and I think he's got the hang of it don't you?

Happy running folks!



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15 Replies

  • God ! I have just posted I ran 5k last month in 31.46 & I remember it nearly finished me off! I've never done it since . Your going great guns dan

  • Thanks Rockette. I am SPeedy Gozales (sort of....not really.....!)

  • Yo!

    Must turn on the TV and watch some Games. Never mind being able to do them consecutively, do them at all flabberghasts me! (I swim like a stone). Sounds like you've got these long distances cracked - best wishes for a cooler run on Saturday (last night I felt like I was being boiled alive). Ed is one cool dude no? No.

  • Thank you.

    What sort of username is QT200QT600????

  • I changed lots of login details recently as I was one of these people who used the same name and password for almost everything. Scrabbling round for something else I'd remember I used two product names I'm always hearing (me and hubbie both work from home), QT200 and QT600 are JDSU telecomms network testing products - so glam and so deep eh?

  • Love the poster Dan! Perhaps we should tout them round the GP surgeries.

    Good luck with the 12k on Saturday.

  • Haha! Thanks Ullyrunner.

  • Wow! I would live to do a 5k in that time, and you said it was leisurely! Well done you. Good luck with your 12k, it sounds like you have got it well planned and are ready for it.

  • It's taken me a long long long time to get 5K as a comfortable distance. 12K will be a big test though...

  • Great poster. The triathlons were great - no idea how they do it.

  • Thanks. Ed sends his love by the way....

  • well done...and in this heat too that fab...and deffo on target for the the caption ;)

  • Thanks Juju. I'm going to be running along the river so will report back.

  • Love it Dan! Your comfy run would probably have me in a less comfortable place but it's been relatively cool in the mornings so that sounds like a perfect run and sets you up really well for your 12K on Saturday...

    Just remember if you're running along the Thames on Saturday that there'll be a Parkrun from Kingston YMCA at 9am and then at 9:30 about 495 runners are heading up from Ham House towards Kingston and turning back towards Richmond and then back to Ham House again... they are weak though - they're only going to be doing 10K.... :)

    Have fun! I look forward to your report...

  • Blimey! I might trip over a few of them then!

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