Week 9 run 3 - ive done it, ive done it, ive done it :)

I'm done, ive got to the end of C25K - i did 5.2k in 30 mins.

I'm so bloody proud. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

my partner has bought me a Garmin watch the celebrate and entered me into a 10k in decemeber - gosh the pressures on!

i love running! - didn't think id be saying that 9 weeks ago.

Thank you to everyones support on here, your all fabulous! x


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  • Brilliant, well done, you go for the 10k... and I will just go and drop a hint to my other half about graduation presents......:-)

  • Well he had no excuse regarding the graduation present - he wants me to run with him - he does half marathons and marathons though so wayyyyyy in the distance! But aiming for a 10k dosent seem as daunting now!! Half way there!

    thank you! And yes go drop them hints :)

  • Fantastic bizzybee what an achievement and great time too.

    Just relax and glory in your C25K graduation.

    This programme rocks.

    congrats again.

  • Thank You GettingFitter - oh im so happy, just gonna keep the 5k runs up for a bit and then work my way up...... :) it feels so magical to have done this though! After the ups and downs and tantrums ive had, its an achievement and half! I;ve just asked for my shiny badge :)

  • Many congratulations Bizzybeeeee. And...not only a great time but a Garmin from your lovely partner, you will enjoy using that on your runs Good luck training for your 10k and do remember to collect your badge for graduation.

  • Thank you Mossy1. He's a good un, thats for sure! It's a good incentive to want to keep running, now im excited to run on Thursday!

    I've just asked for my badge, :) thanks again!

  • Congratulations - I hope you feel amazing. Your time is excellent. - faster than I have ever managed!

  • Thanks Ullyrunner,

  • Congratulations! I hope this will be me by the end of the week. Best of luck with your training to 10k!

  • Good Luck! :) You can do it, it's an amazing feeling so look forward to it.

  • Fantastic news. Well done and 5.2 k within 30 minutes is a great achievement. You should rightly be proud and you certainly deserve that watch :) Good luck for your 10k.

  • Thanks Paul!

  • Well done! That is such an achievement and excellent time. No only run for 30 minutes but you managed the 5km too! Something I am still yet to do.

    Good luck with training for your 10k :)

    Congratulations :)

  • Hi Net68, thank you! I think it's helped having a partner who is a runner, and has pushed me (not too much) but theres definately been a competitve streak in our house! thanks once again! :)

  • Wow, prezzies! On w8r2 next and the thought of prezzies is definitely an incentive.

    Blimmin well done Bizzybeeeee and what a great time. In awe and hope to be there too in 5 more trots.

  • Good Luck! You can do it. :)

    Prezzies definately help! :)

  • Congratulations and well done - brilliant time! If you haven't been yet, sign up with your local parkrun, if nothing else it will keep you running while you plan your 10k training.

  • Ive just looked at a park run nearby - i think i shall give it a go on Saturday!


  • Let us know how you get on - I find them a great way to start the weekend, all that positivity and encouragement. I warn you now, though, they can quickly become addictive !

  • Yaaaaay!! Congratulations. Well done bizzybeeeeee!!!

  • Yes, very well done and a great distance in the time ! You'll smash that 10k and you have deserved your present. Enjoy.

  • Congratulations! Happy running and well done. Let us know how training for that 10 km goes. I'll be looking to start that at some point.

  • Yay! Congratulations and happy running! :)

  • Wow how fab is that and over 5k - impressed and envious all at the same time :)

    Well done !

  • Wow! Well done and brilliant time! I'm nowhere near that yet! I look forward to hearing more storuies about your progress.

  • That is fantastic and 5KM too!! A lovely graduation present to - you will love it! (sometimes hate it too :) ) Time to celebrate. Take care with the 10KM training it caught me off guard. Congratulations!!!

  • I think it may take me a week to understand how this lovely little watch works!! ha ha! thank you,

    Going to slowly build up to the 10k.

  • Well done fantastic

  • Wow! Well done.. 5K in under 30 minutes, a graduation run *AND* a shiny new Garmin! And to top it off, any entry in a 10K!?

    You're awesome! Congratulations!

    PS. You've got loads of time to get to 10K... my advice is 2x30 minute runs a week and then a longer run on the weekend (start slowly... 5.5K, then 6K, etc...) - and taper back every 4th week (ie. one week a month just do 3x30 mins or 2x30 and a 5K Parkrun)... You have loads of time to get to 10K and you'll blitz it if you're slow and careful!

  • Thanks Aussiegtc!

    I've been entered into a 10k yule yomp in december, so it's not just a normal 10k its a muddy one! but im excited either way, my trail shoes have done me proud so far..... it's exciting. Ive also entered into the North Manchester Run in May next year - it's a 10k ive always watched on TV - well now im bloody doing it :):)

    I like that idea - the 2 x 30 min runs and then a longer run, thats what my partner suggested - i was looking at the apps for the 10k training but they look like they push you quite quick, so im going to do as you've suggested!

    Going to do a couple more weeks of just running for 30 mins for now - call it a rest period! ha ha.

    Love my shiny new toy - may take me a week to work out how to use it though!

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