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First run of Week 5... struggling with breathing?

I noticed this with my last run of week 4 too. I am fine for most of the session (breathing in through nose, out through mouth slowly) but by the time I get to the final jog I feel as though I can't get enough oxygen in when I inhale and consequently it makes me struggle to carry on. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Always. Never yet managed to get enough air breathing in through my nose. Don't worry about it for now, just breathe however you're most comfortable. Once you've got a running rhythm going (after you graduate probably), then you can start thinking a breath management. Yes, I know Laura talks about "in through the nose, out through the mouth" but it's not that important at this stage (or ever, actually, depending on who you listen to...)


I always just breath through the mouth, not the nose. I can control my breathing a lot easier this way. Don't think I'd last 30 seconds if I tried through my nose :)


There is an interesting article on the Guardian running blog about breathing, which basically says that it is physically impossible to get enough volume of air into the lungs, when running hard, by breathing through the nose. I remember thinking that I would not be able to become a runner because I simply could not breathe as Laura suggested. I carried on running and just breathed in a natural way. I will never be an elite athlete, but I can run 10 miles without collapsing. My advice is do what comes naturally, for the time being at least.

Good luck.


Thanks for the advice all, that makes me feel a lot more normal :) I think I will carry on with the mouth/nose and when it gets to the point where I'm struggling then I'll try just breathing through my mouth. Glad it's not just me!!


Happens to me too; it's unpredictable. Some runs my breathing is fine, others it's a struggle all the way through!


My breathing changes every time I put my trainers on. Just try and find something you feel comfortable with.

Good luck



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