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week 4 completed

Hello again, just completed the last run of week 4 and am feeling great. Up until now I had been using the same route (turning round at the half way point in the podcast), but I had a sneaky suspicion that as the weeks went by I was always pacing myself to turn round at the same point. So yesterday I worked out a new route that was longer and circular and this morning I gave it a go (if it was too long then I would have a longer cool down walk). The route was just the right length and I really enjoyed the change of scenery. Even better, my suspicion was correct, the original route was 1.73 miles, the new route was 2.03 miles (both included the warm up and cool down) So I am really pleased with my progress and looking forward to week 5.

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Well done you! It does help to be able to change the routes now and then. You are about to start your mid point week - enjoy it and take some time too, to look back on how much you have achieved!


Oh well done! Great when a plan comes together. It doesn't always though and you might end up further away than planned, but still you can enjoy a longer walk home with a smug grin on your face cos you nailed another session

A change of scenery is the best thing for keeping your runs fresh and interesting. I've discovered every footpath and trail near where I live since starting C25k, and love exploring new ones

Enjoy your rest day and then move on to your next run with confidence. Laura will see you right. Take care


I just did a reply to this and it vanished. Oh knickers!

Well done on getting this far with the programme. It's good int it!

A new route is a good way to keep your running fresh and interesting so well done on getting out there and mixing things up. I had a wierd-looking tree stump as a marker and it used to nearly kill me to reach it but as I progressed it got easier and easier, which was a mark of my increasing fitness, to the point where I could soon thumb my nose at it with a Miss Piggy style "hah", as I passed it. Try that, it's fun. It could be a tree or landmark, park bench etc. Make that your Nemesis, dragon or whatever and go slay it.

Have fun!


It appeared at last! There's about a five minute delay going on. Oooer


Thanks everyone for the advice, will take it onboard. Everyone on here is always so encouraging and friendly


You made me smile when you said about pacing yourself to hit the half way point - I do that sort of thing all the time - I find I have to change my route a lot or I find myself obsessively checking how far I've got each time and whether I'm doing 'better' or 'worse' than last time instead of just trying to enjoy the run.


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