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Well helloooooo again Laura - I've missed you :-)

So. The dreaded school holidays arrived and threw all my plans awry. Despite some good intentions I never actually made it out. Gutted as I was at W8R3 when I stopped.

Anyhoo, decided to procrastinate no longer. Up and out at 6a.m. Forgot how nice it is being out before the folks around me know what awaits them on the other side of the curtains. It was a beautiful crisp dry morning. Now the dilemma - where to start again??! Booted up the ipod and decided on W6R1. Could I really do 2 x 10 mins after a 2 month break?? Yabbadabbadoooooooo!! I could, and I did!

So chuffed! And am looking forward to getting out on Wednesday morning again.

So, to all of you who are like me, and needing to get restarted - GO FOR IT!!

Have a fabulous day peeps xx

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Yay! Well done. Sounds like you're all set up for a great week. Early runs are not for me, but it is beautiful this morning :)


I have to go at silly o'clock Mrs Sparkle or I'd never go. I literally fall outta bed into my running gear and get out the door. Often still asleep as I begin ;-) but not enough time to talk myself out of it! Here's hoping Wednesday morning fares as nicely :-) x


Well done you!!! I've been a bit "naughty" too and haven't run for nearly 3 weeks, due to being away on hols. Although it's a lovely morning down here on the south coast, unfortunately, outside running and I don't see eye to eye! So, the treadmill beckons ... My last run was Wk7 Run 1 - not sure where to launch back in as I did manage some swimming and walking whilst away, and I hardly ever used the lift!

Keep going, and I'm sure you'll be back on week 8 in hardly any time. Then it'll be a short hop to graduation! :)


Thank you Mamma Mia. I have been lucky with the weather so far I'll be honest. Only one day out of the previous 24 when it rained. A blummin' miracle her in the Scottish Borders ;-) I can't manage the treadmill without fear of falling off, and we have amazing scenery around us. Happy days :-)

As to your dilemma, why dont you try W7R1 again? You might be pleasantly surprised! ;-) Or at the very least you'll get an idea about how far you can manage. Good luck when it comes x


Well done! You seemed to have made the right decision on where to pick back up :) you'll be completing the programme in no time :)

Well done and enjoy your running :)


Thanks Net68. It was pure fluke tbh but am chuffed to bits I managed it. Also had a wee sesh at the gym tonight too which was good fun.

I love it when I'm focused and exercising...... long may it continue :-) :-) :-) x


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