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Nerves and more nerves

Hi there

I am struggling big time at the moment. I have 2 weeks to go to my baby triathlon. I am doing it 15 months after I took my first tentative steps out to do week 1. Run 1. I have been hit by a little bug. Not a bad one but enough to lay me low for a couple of weeks with reduced training. It couldn't of come at a worse time as my nerves are getting terrible and my confidence is plummeting daily.

My last run was the worst I have had for months and I ended up walking most of the 5km just so I could have a baseline time Incase that happens on the day.

I am desperately trying to tell myself months of hard work can not be undone in a few weeks and I have done the hard work, but deep down I am so worried that I won't be fit enough on the day.

I am sure everyone goes through pre race nerves and maybe the stress is making me more worried. But if anyone has some encouraging words or tips I would be sooooooooo grateful.


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I am sure that I have read somewhere that the elite athletes regularly take a week off for their bodies to recuperate, and that to have a month off once a year is good practice. Perhaps if you could think of your down time in that light you will have the confidence that you are fit enough for the challenge. Be kind to yourself. Acknowledge the great progress you've made in 15 months and, knowing you, I'm certain you will have the capacity to pull out all the stops and succeed on the day!

GOOD LUCK! You'll be fine!


Good idea, I like the thought of down time rather than not training. Thank you.


Thank you, your right I should focus in the individuals rather than the whole lot.


You are right months of training will not wipe out your fitness in a week or two. We all know that running is very much a mental battle as well as physical. So you have done the prep work, relax back into your running and think about how your bug has affected your cycling and swimming!?! My guess is not at all as you didn't even mention them. Have a run/walk 5K doing intervals but make the walk as brisk as you can, then follow it up with a run and just a couple of walks if you need them. My guess is you won't because you will have realised that you are in tip top condition and ready for this triathlon. Good luck and by the way what distances does a baby tri consist of? :)


Thank you. Your right I did a lovely leisurely cycle with my neice the other day and didn't even count it as training even though it was 40min. I am doing a sprint which is 400m swim, 15km cycle and a 5km run.


You'll be fine, nice distances although 15Km cycle would be hard on my butt these days. All the best let us know how you get on. :)


Very good advice above, when I took time out approaching a 10k event the assistant in Sweatshop reassured me the miles were in the bank and to have confidence in that and not to run when I wasn't up to it. She was right of course, your training is in the bank, all best vibes to you. :-)


Thank you. I like the thought of a bank account of running Km's. One I will definitely try and keep in the black, hehe.


Hi RFC. Nerves! Damn em!!! I had nerves. You doubt everything about yourself don't you. I kept asking myself what the hell I thought I was doing. What makes you think you can even run at all you old fool. Why do you assume to think you can enter a RACE. The list of questions is endless and it goes round and round in your head. I had ankle pain and I'm ruddy sure it was because I was that stiff through stress and tension. So I told myself not to be daft, to get a grip, I'd put the hours in, and what the heck! Races are arranged by very kind people, and it would be rude not to take part when they've worked so hard to arrange it for us.

I was much better on the actual morning of the race RFC. You are then too busy getting your stuff together that you don't have time to fret. You just have to get your stuff together and get there.

You have a couple of weeks of training left. Do give yourself some free time to just rest, if it's only for short spells to get your feet up. Drink plenty of water and get loads of sleep if possible.

I'm racing next Bank Holiday Monday. Oooooooooooooooh. Go us!!!!


Yes all those questions and more. The mind can be negative, good to know I'm not totally alone on this. Thank you for the support. Good luck next weekend.


Ta RFC, and the same to you. We'll all be thinking about you and willing you round!

I don't know why we should be bundles of doubt. I bet we're not normally like that. We kick bu** as a rule. LOL

I have thought this morning about next week's run. It's local, it's not life or death, it's only 5 k, so I'm going to enjoy it. I'm not going to break my neck doing it either. Although there is a cash prize for the fastest oldie. That dosh could be mine all mine. Mwwwaaaaaaaha. A fiver to put towards me new trainers. Yeeha! Ok then I might just have to hurry up.

Stop worrying RFC! That's an order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It is entirely normal to feel nervous, I had a huge wobble before my HM last year as I just didn't feel ready...You have put in so much hard work that has filled up the piggy bank of training...its all there, you won't lose it, and you will focus on the day, do your best and most importantly, 'Push that Body, Punish that Body' go go go RFC and happy panthering :)


Thanks jj. I definitely will be pushing this body and punishing this body. It's got quite used to that over the months. Thank for all the support.


My attitude would be to think "what's the worst that can happen?" Sounds like it might be that you have to walk a little bit of the running bit would that be so bad? Not really, and then think "what's the best that could happen?" You get a PB and beat everybody? Yay!! The reality will almost certainly be somewhere in between, you do indeed have the training miles in the bank, and I've heard that a few weeks off don't really make any difference. Just go and do your best and enjoy your tri! I just wish the cycling bit could be 400M, then I could have a go! (I can't ride a bike lol)


Thank you, I am with you I have only recently learnt to ride a bike and we have not gelled as much as I though we would. Your right I know I will get a pb as I have never done it before so that has to be win win.


I was talking to a fellow park runner a few months back and it wasn't the actual swim/cycle/run that was worrying her, it was the transitions. So much pressure, but you have put the time in so try to just enjoy yourself!

When is it btw?


Thank you. It's on the 31 august, two weeks today. Luckily because it's for beginners I think they give us a easier time on transistion, but I have been practicing them as well. Your right I must enjoy myself, easy to lose sight of that.


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