Couch to 5K

And I thought grass would be easier!!!

Well I did Weeks 1 and 2 then had 10 days where I couldnt do any running, so went back to Week 2 on Tuesday to ease myself back in. I tried running around the park next to me for a change and found it so hard, parts of it are on an incline so not sure if it was that, or the rough terrain ,yeah I know hardly that rough, but rough for me :-)

It maybe one of the 'bad' runs that everyone talks about but I came back feeling very dispondant and am trying to convince myself go out this morning after the school run , its the only day in the week I can do a morning run as I work from home and every other day i start REALLY early.

Also i hate running near roads, all those stinky car fumes that I seem to inhale more when I am puffing and panting along, but its hard to find places that are not hilly, or long enough without having to get into the car and drive somewhere which I feel defeats the effort.

Should I stay or should I go da da da da da da da da (as the song goes!!)

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go!! & if you have to drive to get somewhere nice then do it. I used to drive to the gym :)

today is another day & another run. all runs are different. 10 days off & you got back out there ~ you should be feeling proud of yourself for getting back out there.

good luck with today's run. let us know how you got on :)


Stick to the park: it will get easier! It is tough in the first couple of weeks and with a 10 day break too...I think running anywhere would be hard. But the park sounds like a good option and force yourself to go out after he school run. I know you'll be glad you did :)

So don't um and ar.....GO!!


I drive 10 mins to my local park and I know what you mean, there are lots of inclines etc but I run on the flat, even going backwards and forwards sometimes, until I'm ready to tackle the inclines.

I say go for it, you won't regret it! :)


Thanks everyone for the support, I did it and went as soon as I got back it was a little easier this time, I think I was wearing the wrong thing as well last time, everything was jiggling about far to much, if you know what I mean, this time I wore my sports bra (couldnt be bothered to change into it on Tuesday :-) ) and closer fitting top. It wasnt easy and I really cannot possibly imagine running for 3 mins, but I will persevere as this site is full of such positive moral boosting people that I know my thoughts and feelings are no different to everyone else.

Here's to the next run , probably Sunday as its my 50th birthday on Saturday and tomorrow night is the big celebration night so maybe too fragile on Saturday morning :-)

Thanks again


I can't run on a treadmill so almost all my running has been on grass and I think it's great because there is a bit of 'give' in the ground, but you get the challenges of slight inclines and whatever the weather decides to throw at you.

Running on grass is a gateway drug though - to running on tarmac! One day last week I just ran out of park to run in, as it's not a large one, and started to run on pavements. There is so much more to see while you are running. I'm glad that I waited until my legs were ready, though.


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