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Couch to 5K
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I'm more unfit than I thought!

Well, after delaying and finding excuses for a few weeks, I finally attempted week 1, run 1. Went out early morning in the hope the streets would be deathly quiet (they weren't! I never realised how many people are up and about pre 7am!) and it was HARD.

Really disappointed in myself as I had to walk the last 60 second run, and mortified that I am so unfit that 1 minute of running can feel so very hard ๐Ÿ˜ž.

Really hoping run 2 will feel just a tiny bit easier.

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Slow it down... and then slow some more...:)

Many of us feared we might collapse in the first week.. some of us always made sure we did run where there were people...or near a hospital, in case we did collapse :)

Don't be down.. this is the start.. and you have made it... just keep it really, really slow and steady... you will do this.. we are right there with you :)


Well done on completing your first run. I found the first the hardest in regards to what i felt like people watching me but as the weeks have gone by im gaining a bit more confidence and really dont care what people think and if they do say anything i have my earphones in and dont ear them anyway ๐Ÿ˜›. Good luck with your next one x


Don't be disappointed! Far from it ... you've taken the first steps so well done! As everyone will say, keep it slow and steady and repeat runs until you feel ready to move on. I was exactly the same when I started and but persevere and stick with it .... it will get better! Good luck!


Don't be too hard on yourself - are you running on the pavements? I run round my local park and I can't imagine the time when I will feel confident enough to run anywhere else. Even now I sometimes find myself getting anxious and self conscious sometimes when people approach so i change direction and run across the grass. Now I'm further into the course I have relaxed slightly and I'm sure that helps with my stamina. You've taken the first step and it will get easier.


Although the program is couch to.....there was no way I could have done it straight off the couch. I walked first and when I could walk 5k in under an hour I took the plunge and started week 1. I also didn't get anywhere near 5 kms in 30 minutes.

Keep slow and you'll get there, repeat runs if needed and don't push yourself or feel let down or disappointed.


I was really surprised at how awful I felt after my first run, my vision got a bit blurry and I staggered into a tree on the last 60 secs! Turns out I'd gone out too fast.

It got easier but I learnt to slow down and I've made it into week 4, so you will too!

Well done for getting out there!!! You've done brilliantly :)


Well done for getting started, you did better than me on my first run (l walked a lot more on my first), also I was a little wary about running in public too but I remember back to before I ran and remembered how in awe I was of the runners out there, confidence and ability will grow with every run. Welcome to the new you!!!!


Thank you all so much - the support on here is incredible. Will go for slow and steady on run 2, thanks for the advice ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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