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Dodged the rain and week 8 complete (just)

Well the rain stopped and the sun came out as I set off for my final run of week 8. I had a rubbish week at work and needed to let it go. Did not drink enough at work (two drinks all day) so i made sure I had my bottle of water with me on my run.

The second half was hard work and I honestly thought i would have to the heck am I going to week 9, those two extra minutes might as well be two hours.......sorry all, perhaps it is because I know how hard it was for me to complete my run tonight. Still on the bright side, i have lost half a stone in weight since I started.

Have a good weekend all.

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wow fantastic weight loss- well done!!! And I am so with you, I know exactly how you feel, I just can't see how I'm going to do it. Well I think you are amazing to get this far, look at your achievements!!!!! Well done x


Hi well done alcopop! I did run 3 of week 8 today too and OMG it was hard. I came so close to stopping (at about 16 minutes!) and not sure how I'll do in week 9......still waiting to enjoy it :-) I love how I feel afterwards but whilst running I hate it :-)

Anyway, this time next week we may be asking for out graduate badges!!


lets hope so - could be cellebration time next weekend - we need to keep those positive thoughts going (and the legs) :-)


Brilliant Alcopop... Who cares how you did it? That you did it is enough! Congratulations on the weight loss too..... "Skinny Alcopop crosses W9R3 finishing line" .... I can see the headlines now! All the best for your last runs of the programme! Cheers, Linda x :D


Keep your chins up! Nobody said it would be easy, but it is well worth it. :D Be very proud and keep going. :)


Great weight loss - even better that you kept going :) All the best with your next runs. You can do this :)


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