running whilst pregnant - any advice

i have recently found out im pregnant and in the last week or so the nausea and tiredness has started to hit. as i was getting quite used to running beforehand its not that that worries me but the fact i know the nausea etc will take awhile to pass, and i am not sure i can manage 1 shorter run at the moment , let alone 3. the last time i ran was parkrun a week on sat ago - i could not face going last week and havent been able to face it since.

im worried i will get out the habbit and all my hard work wasted.

has anyone had a break for a couple of months and got back into it without problem?

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  • Congratulations!!!! I have had breaks for 3-4 weeks due to holiday /life getting in the way which is very different to your position.

    If you can't manage running what about going for a walk....just remember to listen to your body.

  • thanks i am pleased but a bit fed up about the running - i know the sickness etc will pass, at the moment i will take it easy and do as much as i can....just feel bad i cant keep up the 3 weekly sessions at the moment. i get back in from work and crash out....

    i know what im like - if i get out the habit of going im really worried i wont restart again

  • I know that feeling! But it is very important to listen to our bodies (easier said than done I know) and if yours is telling you need to sleep /rest LISTEN!! Don't beat yourself up about not being able to do 3 times a week whatever you can do is better than nothing...wait till you are feeling better then reassess your goals based on your new situation. Good luck

  • Wow! Congratulations first and foremost. Take it easy for now and may be have a word with a doctor or midwife and see what they think ...

  • Many congratulations, how lovely you must however take care of your body as its not just you to think of now. I would agree with AliB1 try walking until things settle down and check out if running is OK with your midwife/doctor. If you run outside you will need to be very careful for trip hazards etc. Take care and keep us updated on how you are. We had a young mum and baby at our Parkrun last week, she is super fit and always was I was told, she ran on Saturday a few months ago and gave birth unexpectedly the next day. Mmmmmm I wonder about the wizdom of that, she's back running now with a special sports buggy with the cutest little baby girl I have seen for a long time, I think she is going to be spoilt by most of the Parkrunners, me included. :) Take care totalbeginner.

  • there is someone at our parkrun too though yes she too I suspect superfit! apparently she was running until 1-2 weeks of the birth and back within a fortnight after. me i have never really been superfit but due to the sickness i havent the energy to do the walking as im worse in the evening.

    Thanks for all the comments - hopefully once i start feeling bit better i will take it easy, maybe go back to week 3 or soething and see how i go. im still glad i completed the program even if i end up starting back at the beginning or having to come back to it next year and do something else in the meantime. i havent told many people in real life yet but its getting hard explaining why im not running parkrun anytime soon!

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