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week 7 loving it!!

i graduated two years ago, but ended up with sorebknees quickly after. Have just recently managed to overcome knee problem with exercises and stretches .

Today was the the third run of 25 minutes none stop.

first 25 min run: covered 1.78 miles at average pace 14:04

second 25 min run: covered 2.12 miles avg pace 11:49

third 25 min run: covered 2.43 miles avg pace 10:18

(pace is measured in how long it takes to run a mile, ie 10:18 ro run a mole)

im looking forward to my first parkrun in a couple of weeks!!!!

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Great and thanks for posting your times as it helps to see what others are doing. I'm on week 9 run 2 so nearly there. I am enjoying the 30 mins but last one on a treadmill which can get boring so I tried to do some intervals. I heard this helps pick up your speed as well. Good luck with w8!!

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Congratulations and welcome back. Good luck with the parkrun :)

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Fab, well done you, and Parkrun is just the best, just enjoy it :)

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