I rather enjoyed too much San Miguel last night (it was on offer and ice cold and delicious) and arose from my bed feeling a tad delicate. I'd sort of wondered about a long 12K run but bottled out at the last minute owing to "shaky leg syndrome" (ie. hangover). So I decided to attack Mount Torture in Richmond for a spot of hill training. If that didn't sort my legs out....nothing would. I hadn't graced the hill with my presence for a while so it would be good to see if she's still as torturous as before.

Set off along the river to richmond Lock where I decided to cross over to the other side. Normally there are a few people around but this morning it was deserted so I took a selfie atop the Victorian structure. Selfie done, I jogged over to the far side and went down the steps and set off at a medium pace towards my destination. I wished I'd set Endomondo off to measure my speed but I forgot! Oh well, not to worry, I could see Richmond Bridge approaching and I didn't have too far to go before I reached Nightingale Lane - the hill of DEATH!!

Off I trudged at a slow pace, my glutes screaming abuse at me. Halfway up I noticed a council worker who was sweeping the leaves and general detritus into piles. He gave me a look as I slogged past as though to say "You;re mad!" He was probably right.

I reached the summit and felt like planting a flag, I was so proud! It really is a killer of a hill but perfect for my needs. Once I'd caught my breath I went back down....slowly! There is a danger on this hill that could potentially do you some damage to your hips if you weren't careful. I didn't want to put the brakes on too much, but yet I didn't want to end up having my legs run so fast I couldn't keep up with the buggers! "Just let gravity do it's thing Dan" I told myself and before long I was at the bottom.

Time for the second ascent - off I went. Brush Man was still there, sweeping as slowly as he could, clearly waiting for lunchtime where he could sit down and rest up. He gave me another look - this definitely said "Nutter" as far as I was concerned, but I carried on to the top. Gasping for breath I decided to reward myself with a lovely sit down on one of the many benches which overlook the river from on high. I started to feel a bit self conscious of Brush Man now.I just wished he'd finish his sweeping and b***er off! But alas, he was there to do a job I suppose, so I quickly admonished myself for thinking such evil thoughts. His dust cart was just opposite me and I had more evil visions of me climbing aboard the thing and sailing down the hill at 100mph, screaming like a banshee as I went passed him!! Hahaha!

I decided not to do that.

Off I went again down the hill. I smiled this time as I passed him. Nothing. Zero response from him. Now I was feeling like a plonker. I reached the bottom and wondered if I really could go up a 4th time. I mean, what will he be thinking? Then I had a rush of positivity where I told myself "WHO GIVES A FLYING SH**!" So off I went up again. It felt remarkably easier this time and I'm sure my speed increased from 0.01 mph to 0.03 mph as I "raced" past Brush Man (didn't even bother smiling this time) and reached the top. A few moments to gather myself and then I was off back down for the final time. I really was quite bored by this stage and how I managed 5 up and downs on a previous session, I have no idea. So I decided to run home.

I felt leaden and heavy. Not at all light and quick footed which I hoped I would be. Probably my physiology wasn't in the best shape after San Miguel last night ,so I put it down to that.

I'm planning a long one at the weekend and might even do the 12K route I did a few weeks back. Knowing I can conquer this distance is an amazing thought considering this time last year I had so many injuries. I seem to remember writing about my groin quite a bit (much to juicyju's amusement!!).

Have fun people and enjoy the running cos it's good for you!



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13 Replies

  • Dan,your post exhausts me just reading it! That sounds gruelling but well done for tackling such a mountain with a hangover. Huge respect!

    So funny imagining the scene between you and Brush Man. I can just imagine him in the pub tonight telling all his mates, " well there was this geezer today.........".

  • I think you may be right, although I think he'd replace the word "geezer" with "lunatic".....!!

  • He's just jealous he ain't in the club :-)

  • Hee hee, it must be the day for hill training. Aussie posted earlier about running up and down hills and Miles _Yonder about running up and down stairs. Don't think either of them was powered by SanMiguel though (or at least not that they were admitting to) :)

    To take a leaf out of Poppy's book, have you noticed the tags on your post? Death Piles and Screaming! Impressive eh? :)

  • Haha! Hadn't noticed the tags but they are HILARIOUS! Well spotted.

  • Ha ha Screaming Piles , ooo errr ! :-) xxx

  • Not powered by San Miguel but tomorrow is certainly going to be sponsored by Brew Dog IPA after this morning's effort... :)

  • Just looking at your tags there Dan. Make a sentence out of the words below. Ha ha

    You sound very chipper today, given it sounds like you had one too many sherberts. Tut

    Well done on tackling the hills! I admire your pluck I really do. I see you have labelled yor hill. So have I. I have the Slope of Doom and the Slope of Death. Not communed with either for a while.

    Yeah, who gives a flying fig about what folks think. I think they'd rather be running given chance

  • This is just to funny. Well done for the commentary I felt like I was there watching ha ha

  • Oh - THAT hill? And powered by San Miguel... Oh dear oh dear Dan... :)

    Great stuff for having the willpower to take on that demon today... I did my first hill session on the clockwise hill in Richmond Park (up from Roehampton towards Kingston)... that was bad enough.. I almost went to face the same hill as you but bottled it (bit like San Miguel) in the end... we might have run (hehe) into each other! :)

    Good luck on the long run and great post as always!

  • I think I'm with brush man - you are some kind of crazy guy!

    I actively try to avoid anything but the flattest of routes. Although that may be why you're now running double the distance that I do!

  • Sounds like you had a good challenging run under difficult (ie San Miguel) circumstances. Your description of the man with the brush had me thinking ... what DID I think if I saw someone out running pre-C25K? I don't think I noticed them much, to be honest. They were just slightly weird people who did odd stuff like running even though no one was chasing them.... :)

  • Somehow I'd managed to read the first paragraph and half way through the second one without seeing who the author was - and then I thought - this sounds just like danzargo... So checked the name - Ha ha ha! (I haven't been reading on here for months but some voices are very recognisable.)

    Admirable to keep up and down that hill with such an unresponsive audience.

    And those tags - I can't stop laughing. I remember the olden days when we had to make our own tags. Nowhere near as much fun.

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